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32 Breath-Taking Bridal Bouquets With Unique Design

Wedding bouquet with feathers
Wedding bouquet with feathers
A wedding bouquet is an extremely important detail of any ceremony. This is a traditional accessory that is featured in every single wedding. However, most of the time brides do not pay a whole lot of attention to this item, as there are plenty of other things to keep in mind. This is quite a shame, since we normally don’t get a chance to witness unique and extraordinary flowers, bur rather very cliche and usual ones. If you have a goal to amaze all your guests with your perfect taste and outstanding imagination, then this post will be super useful for you. Below you will find a collection of astonishing and incredibly creative bridal bouquets that are worth dying for.

32 Creative Wedding Bouquets To Blow Your Mind

If you happen to be a great fan of desserts, then you will definitely fall in love with this adorable piece. The bouquet is designed in such a way that it can’t leave any person untouched. The item features marshmallows in pink, gummies, marmalade, konfetti and ice-cream cone. I am not sure how long you can carry such a bouquet though: it is most likely to melt and turn into shapeless mass or else end up in someone’s stomach. Yet, if you would like to throw up an outstanding photo set, this piece will be a perfect component.

Have you ever thought of decorating your set of flowers with colorful buttons? I bet such an idea has rarely visited any of you. To be frank, I have not had such a thought before Is potted this image. However, the moment I saw this astonishing bouquet, I realized how great and fun it would be to have the very same piece. If you noticed, one does not have to opt for super extraordinary designs: as long as you have buttons over the petals, it will work in an excellent way.

Halloween is almost here, so it makes sense to give a tribute to this exciting and memorable holiday. Even if your wedding day is weeks away from the end of October, you can still go for this creative design. I am pretty sure all the attendees of your wedding ceremony will fall in love with such a bouquet that features colorful leaves, tiny orange pumpkins, slices of citrus and fir cones.

Why to go for flowers in the first place? In case you are an activist of the GreenPeace movement and the very idea of wasting beautiful flowers for the sake of a wedding ceremony throws you into deep depression, this piece was designed especially for you. This cool bouquet features magnificent jewels that are designed in a various shapes. You will see all kinds of crystals and rhinestones – anything that you like can be added to such a masterpiece.

If you prefer completely unique designs that are unlikely to be rocked by anyone else, here is a marvelous bridal bouquet that will make your mouth water. These incredibly elegant tiny flower beds in white, light green and black are complemented by long feathers in cream and black. This is one of the most unique combinations I have ever seen, which is why I myself would go for this bouquet.

Going back to the Save-the-Earth movements, here is another piece that would perfectly match any of the campaigns of such an organization. Besides, you can show off your artistic approach and design such a bouquet all by yourself. All you will need for it is a piece of fine metal wire, hot glue gun, a myriad of glistening gemstones and some white atlas ribbon.

How about an armful of pine cones in your hands instead of a regular wedding bouquet? I have no doubt that you will be the first bride in your circles with such a creative attribute. The best thing about such a piece is that it will cost zero cash, as you can easily assemble it in one step.

You can also make your bouquet an edible piece and opt for a bunch of beautiful apples as a main embellishment of your item. Pair them up with a bunchful of fresh leaves and a bright ribbon – here is your super creative and unusual wedding piece. Moreover, when you or your beloved one get hungry, you can always take a bite on the juicy fruit.

In case you would like to see some more examples of a wedding bouquet with a unique design, browse through the gallery below and enjoy the rest of the exciting looks.

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