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Ideas of Unique Bridal Shower Favors


You have probably already planned everything for the bridal shower including the cake, games, decorations and invitations. So, it is the right moment to come up with the original way of sending the bridal shower guests home with unique favors.

Ideas of unique bridal shower favors

Set the budget
First of all, you have to decide on the budget and figure the sum you are ready to spend on favors. Then divide the sum by the amount of guests you are planning to hose and get the approximate price per item.
Be creative
Think outside the box and have the guests take home something they would really love. One of the options is planting herbs or flowers in the small pots that you have preliminary sprayed with paint. Don’t forget to attach the personified tag. One thing to mention: start this project beforehand in order to let the seeds spawn on time for the shower.
Also sit down for a minute and think about yours talents that you can use in favors producing. For instance, that could be sugar cookies in the shape of the brides or the burned CD with the set of bride’s favorite songs. Another way is buying cheap items like fun stationery and sachets and embellishing them with the fancy ribbons or beading.
Local stores
Instead of surfing the internet, consider buying the bridal shower favors in the local stores. Besides offering the items in the different price ranges, favors from the local stores could be truly unique.
Moreover, don’t forget to visit the local artisan’s studio and you will be amazed with the exclusive items you can purchase for the budget-friendly price such as jewelry, ceramics and items from the stained glass. Besides, in some cases you can order the personified favors.
One of the aspects that will make your favors appear stylish and chic is the nice presentation. The first thing people will notice about your wedding favors is the packaging so try to cover them using the elegant tissue paper, fine bags and neat ribbons. Spend some time on careful wrapping each favor in order to fully customize them.


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