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Ideas of Candies for Filling the Candy Boxes


I don’t know a person that doesn’t like candies and this fact makes the candy one of the greatest wedding favors. Besides looking festive, they come in the great range of bright hues and are easy to purchase. Considering using the candies as your wedding favors? You can find a lot of candy options for filling your candy boxes that would match your particular wedding theme.

Candies for candy boxes

Jordan almonds
Jordan almonds carry the special significance when being used as wedding favors. These almonds coated with a shells had been historically used at the Italian and American weddings and are most favored by the people of older generations. Moreover, they look dressy and are tasty. You can find them both in the mono color like white and multicolored ones.candyshaped-boxes-with-jordan-almonds

Personalized M&M’s
The contemporary brides have an opportunity to fill the candy boxes with the personalized M&M candies. They are offered on MMS.com. On the official website you can customize your candies by putting the special message or even your photo on them, though it comes at a price. Besides that, you have to make an order in advance since the printing and shipping takes some time, otherwise you will have to pay the extra rush charges.
Hershey’s Kisses
These kisses are intended for being put in the candy boxes. Just make sure the wrapper colors match your overall color gamma. They are available in silver, purple, red, gold, brown etc. They all have distinct flavors depending on the wrapper color. For instance, cherry-flavored chocolate kisses have the red wrapper, purple cover signifies about the dark chocolate, while gold covered kisses have almonds and chocolate. Brown wrapper means the milk chocolate. The traditional silver wrappers have the regular chocolate inside. Figure whether they are available in bulk online.


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