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Guide on Buying the Outdoor Wedding Favors

garden-wedding-favorsThemed wedding favors are an ideal way to keep up with the overall wedding theme. Everything starting from the venue décor to the wedding favors is the inalienable parts of the wedding theme.

For instance, the outdoor weddings require the wedding favors that are appropriate for using outdoor, reflect outdoor activities or include the natural elements like sunflowers, seashells or the plants.

How to choose the outdoor wedding favors

Pick the location. You should opt for certain favors depending on the location. For instance, the beach weddings call for the outdoor favors with the ocean theme.
Some of the ideas are the beach bucket favors, card holders in the form of the mini lounge chairs, seashells and candle holders in the starfish form. Another option is keeping up with the overall color theme and going for the blue or sand palette.
Garden-themed favors will perfectly suit the spring and summer weddings. Fill the small garden pails or buckets with the beautiful stones, flowers or key chains. As for the edible favors, consider using the coffee packets or hard candies.
Search the stores that sell small things that you could use as wedding favors. For instance, the hardware store offer the plant pots, while the nursery stores sell the packets with seeds or small potted plants that will perfectly suit the garden-themed weddings.
Mother Nature could serve as a great source of inspiration for your wedding favors. It could be pots with the animal or insects motifs like bees, butterflies, birds etc.
Look at the local souvenir store that sells soaps and candles. Scented soaps and candles in the original shapes like flowers, hearts, leave etc are the great ideas for the wedding favors.

Tips on buying the outdoor wedding favors

The outdoor wedding favors could be used as indoor ones as well. In case you plan to have the vineyard wedding, consider going for the glass coasters or jewelry in the shape of the grape cluster.

Since your favors will be exposed to the sun and heat for the long period, try to avoid the edible favors that could easily melt.
Try to choose the favors that would match the season of the year when your wedding takes place. For instance, the spring weddings are supposed to evoke the associations with the spring.

Think about going for the favors that could be used right away. For example, your guests will appreciate the mini fans that will keep them fresh while seating at the open area.

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