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Great Favors for Every Wedding

Wedding favors are the small things that newlyweds tend to give to people that attended their nuptials in order to express their gratitude. Wedding favors are the inalienable part of any contemporary wedding, moreover, this nice tradition transcended those countries where giving wedding favors to guests is an old tradition and are widely used all over the world.

There are no certain criteria on the types of favors you should opt for: they could be ether expensive and sophisticated or simple and low-priced since the idea behind the wedding favors is not amazing your guests with luxurious gifts, but expressing your thanks and appreciation to them. We came up with some ideas of wedding favors that will suit any wedding.

The nice idea is personalizing your favors by imprinting your names and the date of your wedding. That could be done by the company where you buy the favors or by the local typography.

Ideas of perfect wedding favors

Candy: they could be packed into the chic box tied with ribbon or simply place them into the cloth bag tied with ribbon.
Wedding-favorsCandy bar: make sure to imprint the following text on the bar “Thank you for sharing this special day”.

Single fresh flower: embellish it with the ribbon.

Golf ball: don’t forget to print your names on it.

Small candles: don’t forget to put one at every place.
Wedding-favorsBubbles: nice idea is having all the guests blow the bubble during the newlyweds’ first dance.

Little tulle bag or paper cone: simply fill it with rose petals.

Poem: have your favorite poem printed on the fancy paper and scroll it.
Wedding-favorsWater bottles: don’t forget to place the label with your names.

: burn a CD with the songs that have the special meaning to your couple and place your photo on the cover.

Bottle of wine or champagne: stick the label with your photo on each bottle.

Jar with cookies: put wrapped cookies inside the jar along with the text “Sweet dreams”.
Wedding-favorsSun block lotions: a useful gift for weddings in summer.

Beach balls: also have them imprinted with your names.

Jellybeans or nuts: place them in the embellished jar.

Key chains: have your photo placed on them or simply your names.
Wedding-favorsBeer mugs or stemware: engrave your names and date of your nuptials on it.

Flower seeds: pack them into the nice packets with your names printed.

Sports goods: tennis balls, sun visors, etc with your names imprinted on them.

Notepads: again, don’t forget to print your name on them.
Wedding-favorsChristmas-tree decorations: nice option for December nuptials.

Plaited baskets: you can fill them with candies, aromatic soap and small flower arrangements.

Magnets or mugs in the shape of heart.

Picture frames



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