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Favor Ideas for the Fairy Tale-Inspired Wedding

apple-wedding-favor-ideasA lot of women have been dreaming about the fairy tale-themed wedding for all their conscious life and nowadays we have all the facilities for setting the one.

Simply hang the twinkling lights on the ceiling and the walls, make the crystals the main elements of the reception venue décor and embellish your hairstyle with the sparkling tiara. Oh, don’t forget about the fairy tale wedding favors for you fairy tale-inspired celebration.

Fairy tale-themed wedding favors

Cinderella wedding favors
Believe me each of your guests will instantly recognize the small glass shoe as a wedding favor. Don’t forget to put the glazed almonds, jellybeans or the small chocolates inside for your guests to have the sweet memories of your big day. Another option is the candles in the form of Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage.
Snow White wedding favors
Since the apple is the symbolic element in the Snow White fairy tale, consider giving your guests the candied apples embellished with the ribbons in the wedding-theme hues. So, even if your guests will not appreciate the correlation with the poisoned apple, they will still enjoy the tasty fare. In case you plant to make the favors yourself, consider covering the apples with the edible glitter for the magic feel.
Beauty and the Beast wedding favors
If you admire the story of love of the beautiful Belle and the Beast, the magic rose can become the ideal inspiration for your fairy tale wedding favor. Simply place the stunning red rose at each guest’s place: it might be either the real roses or the silk or wax ones that guarantee the lasting favor. Also consider the roses in the bud vases in silver or crystal that could be kept on the separate desk untill the wedding ends.
Jack and the Beanstalks wedding favors
Jack and the Beanstalk may not be the most popular option when setting the fairy tale-themed wedding, but it can provide with some fun ideas of the wedding favors. Simply fill the personalized tin with the jellybeans that would symbolize the magic beans. Another option are the chocolate eggs or hard candy.

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