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10 Edible Wedding Favors

You may simply find the type of edible favor that will suit your wedding. Regardless the fact whether your guests are the oenophiles or the coffee devotees, you will find something for your wedding guests with our useful ideas.

10 edible wedding favors

The small digest of family traditional recipes packed in the little box with couple’s names and date on the back is a perfect gift for your close friends and family members.
Candy bar
Provide your guests with the boxes similar to those you get in the Chinese restaurants. Don’t forget to stamp them with personified monogram. Ask your guests to fill it with the sweets of their choice from the penny candy cart before they leave your celebration.
If the majority of your friends are the true oenophiles, you may pick as a wedding favor the small bottles of wine decorated with your personalized tag. The elegant wine stopper made either from metal or crystal will add the feel of chic to your wedding favors.
Hometown products
Goods from your homeland including the cookies, various types of candies, pumpkin pies or other products that are locally produced will become the original and memorable wedding favors.
We used to consider the taffy a perfect wedding favor for the summer seaside wedding receptions, but you shouldn’t limit it only to the seaside weddings. Have the taffy packed and place the sticker and ribbon on it for a beautiful takeaway.
Chocolate-chip cannolis
Ask the waiters to walk around with the silver trays full of chocolate-chip cannolis by the end of the celebration. Also have them offer the take-home boxes to guests.
Let your guests have the sweet memories about your special day long after it takes place by giving them the jar of honey produced at the local farm with the personalized label attached to it.
Coffee beans coated with chocolate packaged in the jar with the nice patterns won’t leave your coffee-loving guests indifferent.
Small cupcakes
Back the cupcakes by yourself in the same style as your wedding cake. Provide your guests with the small boxes and ask to pack one for takeaway or eat right on the spot.
Sunflower seeds
Sunflower seeds with the salty taste packed in the small bags with the printed personalized monogram.


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