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Why and How to Buy Reception Dress

reception-wedding-dressYou have probably been dreaming about the pompous wedding dress since the moment you first attended the wedding ceremony, but you may not have taken into consideration how it actually limits bride’s moves and feels uncomfortable to wear on the wedding day. One of the numerous inconveniences in opting for the pompous wedding gown is taking your bridesmaid along every time you visit the bathroom so that she could hold the train. Do you really want to face that type of complications during the wedding reception?reception-wedding-dressMore and more contemporary brides tend to switch their classical ball gown on something more convenient and comfortable once the ceremony is over along with the photo session etc. The quick gown switching is the key thing to do for the bride who plans to spend all evening dancing without any difficulties like itchy crinoline layers.

How to buy and choose the reception dress

There won’t be a point of changing your wedding gown to the reception dress if the last one won’t be comfortable and practical. Remember that your wedding reception could be followed by the food stains, fingerprints and spilled drinks, so consider wearing the dress of the colors others than white or ivory. Another think to keep in mind when choosing the reception dress is the weather conditions: if you plan to have the outdoor reception, you should buy a climate-friendly dress.reception-wedding-dress
The reception dress is the chance to implement your personal taste and sense of style into your wedding look. As for the wedding gown, you tend to rely more on traditions and fairy tale inspiration when choosing the wedding dress, while the reception dress is usually flirty and fun. In case you plan to have the themed reception, the reception dress will contribute to the tone setting. Depending on your personal preferences and the overall reception theme, it could be either short or long. Moreover, some reception dresses could be worn further for official occasions.reception-wedding-dress
Scheduling your dresses change properly is a key to the nice reception entrance. The way you will look on your wedding photos fully depends on the time you spend on switching the dresses. You may consider the constant changing the two dresses depending on the moment: the classical wedding gown for the moments like the first dance or the cake cutting and the comfortable reception dress for the dancing part. But beforehand spend some time on rehearsing in advance and schedule the change accordingly. Time you spend on the dresses switch doesn’t have to exceed 10 minutes, so use the help of the maid of honor and the big mirror.

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