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What To Do With Wedding Dress After Big Day

After the big day is over it’s time to either return your rented wedding dress or pack your own into the box and take off for the honeymoon. And while it’s easy enough to just pop the wedding dress to the salon on your way to the airport, your own will stay with you for a long-long time. The main question is what to do with it? Sure it may lie around in your wardrobe for a good decade or two or three but wouldn’t it be great if it could get another chance to be worn one way or the other?

What To Do With Your Wedding Dress

Trashing the dress with beautiful underwater photography

There are quite a few ways of dealing with your wedding dress after the celebration. Some keep it to renew vows at the fifth or ten year anniversary or for their daughters to wear on their wedding, while others keep it to trash it. What you can do is also sell, donate or recycle it to give it a second life in case you don’t want to keep it.

Returning some of your wedding budget back is a good practice. Though you probably won’t sell it for the price you purchased it you can still get some of those dollars back. You can also donate the dress to charity organizations that offer dresses to brides who cannot afford a new dress. Or you could give it away to one of your relatives, friends, or acquaintances that are getting married or someone other in need.

Adrienne Maloof’s framed wedding dress

Another way to recycle your wedding dress is to make religious or formal wear for your kids out of it. You can also remake the dress for yourself for a cocktail party or some other occasion especially if the style easily allows it.

Get creative with the dress. Make it live forever as a wedding attire or as an interior decoration. You can frame it and put it on display in your dressing room.


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