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Wedding Coat For Fall: 5 Lovely Looks

Wedding coat with floral embroidery
Wedding coat with floral embroidery
Choosing a wedding dress is much easier when your ceremony is in summer. In this case you don’t have to worry about getting frozen or wet at all. Just pick the frock of your dream and you can focus on other details. Yet, when it comes to a fall wedding, the things are starting to get a bit more complex. You can no longer choose a piece out of your aesthetic preferences only. The item has also to be good enough to keep you from the cold, wind and rain. The best thing here would be to go for the dress you like and then complement it with a matching coat. This is exactly what we are going to focus today. Scroll down to check out the five ways to style you wedding gown with a coat.

Fall Wedding: How To Style Your Dress With a Coat?

Regardless of what way your dress is styled in, the easiest option would be to go for a plain midi coat in white (or any other shade of ecru that matches the color of your dress). If your gown features lots of embellishment of various kind, you should not go for a coat that also has many styling details. The more simple the design the better it is.

On the contrary, if you decided to wear a very moderate wedding gown and would really love to add a piece that would feature more embellishment, then the coat on the image above is exactly what you need. This adorable item is designed in such a way that it is impossible to stare away from it. The floral embroidery along the front part along with the flare bottom create a striking impression. The three-quarter sleeves leave room for your elegant elbow-high gloves which will make the whole wedding outfit even more engaging and sophisticated. With such a coat you can easily opt for both floor-length and shorter fits,

For those of you who adore vibrant shades no matter what, there is a piece that will make your hearts pump up. This adorable coat in teal is something that can make even the gloomiest and rainiest day brighter and more shining. There are no limits with this item except for one: make sure that this piece is the only vibrant hue in your wardrobe. Otherwise, you risk to become very similar to a Christmas tree.

If you happen to be an individual with a super creative mindset and unique approach to everything that you would definitely love to rock a white leather jacket along with your wedding gown. the jacket has to be more moderate that the one you would wear in your everyday life, of course. No studs or any other embellishment that would make the look heavy. Such a piece will make even the most elegant and delicate dress look somewhat funky and rebellious – which is always a good thing if you want to be a bride who stands out.

And finally, for those ladies who adore exquisite and sophisticated silhouettes, here is a cape that will not necessarily save you from the chilly weather, but will by all means add up to your elegant and precious look. The light tulle floor-length piece needs a gown of the same length to complement it. Otherwise, your wedding outfit will look incomplete and somewhat ridiculous. Other than that, there are no limits at all.

Above were the best ways to style your wedding dress if you happen to celebrate your big day in fall. Take a look at the presented options one more time and choose the one that fits you the most.

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