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Unconventional Wedding Outfit: Pant Suit

The first thing that comes to my mind whenever I hear about a wedding is a magnificent and super exquisite wedding gown with a couple of layers in organza or tulle. There also might be some floral embellishments or ribbon adornments – it all depends on one’s creativity. Of course, my mind draws a beautiful veil that covers the bride’s happy face and a very intricate hairdo decorated with some artificial flowers or some gemstones. I am pretty sure this is a picture your imagination drew as well. No wonder, we are so used to this traditional weddings, that sometimes it is quite hard to think outside the box. What I suggest you to do today will definitely contribute to your alternative thinking and reasoning. Below are several examples of how to throw up a unique wedding ceremony. And you as a bride play the central role in this venture. Check out the most striking pant suits as an alternative to a cliche wedding dress.

4 Stunning Pant Suits For Bride

If anyone was writing about wedding pant suits thirty years ago, people would most likely consider this person to suffer from a strong mental disease. Actually, such a post would never appear in any media source in the first place. Besides, no one would be really interested in reading the content which they would never apply in real life. However, today things are way different – which makes me incredibly happy. The humanity is no longer limited by these self-constructed stereotypes and bans that prevent us from taking the desirable path. Good thing that I was born in the era when I can easily advise you on most gorgeous pants suits for a wedding, without being judged. After all, there is nothing wrong about being different. Especially when we are talking about such astonishing articles of clothing.

One of the most refreshing and trendy variations is this overall suit in a strapless fit. The bustier bodice skims the model’s figure in a very engaging way, while the flare straight pants make the outfit very formal. I adore the delicate and exquisite touch of this look. The piece is complemented by a pair of elegant black peep-toe pumps and a matching statement necklace. I would not consider black to be a classic shade for a wedding ceremony, but since we are talking about a pantsuit, there should not be any limits.

If you want to stand out from the crowd in case anyone of your guests would spot the same piece, then you should style your suit with various accessories. One of them is a wide-brimmed straw hat, which by the way will also protect your from the ultraviolet radiation. Plus, you won’t have to constantly fix the melting make-up either – which is a very decent asset. Since it is a very big day in your life, you don’t want to look as a lost and dressed up tourist of one of the resorts. Hence, you ought to make sure there is some kind of a wedding-saturated embellishment that your headpiece features. Moreover, this pant suit itself is not so simple. The beige shade makes it very appealing and sophisticated, while a see-through lace top with embroidery and tulle styling adds a delicate zest to the look.

A very stylish outfit is presented on the next image. I can easily imagine a bride wearing this strapless suit in cream with a V-shaped decollete. Although here it might seem to be too simple and boring, in reality it will look way different. For one thing, the glistening and happy eyes of any bride can make even the most plain outfit look ten times as marvelous as it did before. Moreover, the suit can and must be styled with more engaging and catchy accessories. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if a lady added some colors to her look – for instance, she could easily opt for a brighter pair of shoes or a more vibrant bouquet.

Next outfit will definitely blow your mind. I know what kind of thoughts are running on your mind now. Most likely, you are wondering now what this piece has to do with a pant suit? I will tell you – it is a pant suit, in the most unconventional interpretation of this word. It might look like a dress, however the bottom part is draped in a way that you can’t really recognize pants. It somehow reminds me of an Indian sari; plus, the embellishment and lady’s hairstyle also contribute to this impression. Anyway, if you would like to throw up a wedding party featuring some oriental motifs, or if you just want to put on something extremely creative and beautiful, go ahead and rock this magnificent ensemble. I bet, you won’t regret a single time!

These were the most nontraditional bride outfits that I have ever seen. Such a pity that none of my friends or relatives has ever thought of sporting something like this. Good thing they still have me – otherwise they would have lived all life long without memories about a beautiful bride in a pant suit.

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