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Top 6 Long-Sleeved Wedding Gowns

Lace and long sleeves
Lace and long sleeves
Today one has quite a wide range of options to look at, when it comes to a wedding dress. Anything from a classic gown with multiple layers to a more innovative short frock is available for the public eye. No wonder that it takes a bride forever to decide upon a dress of her dream. When you are presented with thousands of variations, there is no way the selection process can be quick and precise. This is why it makes sense to look at different tendencies in wedding gowns before setting off for a long-lasting and nerve-racking journey. While a lot of ladies prefer either strapless silhouettes or fits with short sleeves, there are still those who go for the long-sleeved numbers. Below are the most exquisite and mind-blowing wedding dresses that feature this style.

Most Beautiful Dresses With Long Sleeves

Lace and tulle make up a perfect ensemble – you have a chance to see the proof to my words. There is nothing in this number that can keep someone from falling in love with it. Everything from the skimming silhouette to the delicate cream color makes the frock one of the most striking wedding gowns in the universe. The exquisite and precious embroidery adds a touch of luxury to the look, while crystal embellishment along the waistline brings in a glamorous hue. The dress is so adorable that it does not make sense to resist its charm and beauty. If you want to impress your guests with an impeccable fashion taste, this is the frock you should go for.

Here is a more creative piece – I am sure there will be a lot of admirers as well. If you are blessed to have long slim legs and try to use any chance to show them off, this frock was designed especially for you. The impressive slit on the side of the skirt draws enough attention; however, there is another detail which also makes this dress stand out form the myriad of all the others. The deep teardrop-shaped decollete is covered with a very exquisite embroidered design that makes one’s mouth water. Other than that embellishment, the number does not feature any extra styling elements, which is quite reasonable, as the design is pretty efficient as it is.

A little bit more of lace and embroidery – this frock is designed in a very unique and appealing way. While the flare A-fit skirt is quite simple, it is by all means the bodice that draws so much attention. The design of the top part creates an impression of the buttoned shirt with some sort of a collar. Such a style reminds me of the olden times – so if you are a big fan of vintage, this is an option you are to take into consideration.

Another glimpse from the past days will also speak to many of you. This frock is full of 80s vibe and revolutionary mood. Who said that a wedding dress has to feature a full skirt as well as lots of lace and organza? Nonsense! It does not have to be romantic or delicate either: the more edgy and alluring, the better it is. V-neckline bodice with a high-waisted skirt that features a tail reminds me more of a red carpet look. Yet, this is not the case – it is a purely wedding gown.

Here is a golden mean between the long-sleeved frock and the one that shows off lady’s shoulders. I am very positive that this fit will also be very popular among the fans of creative and innovative silhouettes. Somehow it reminds me of a classic Greek tunic, which is very cool. The dress itself is not designed in any outstanding way – you are not likely to see tons of crystals or any other embellishment. This number is rather about simplicity of lines and elegant touch. Spaghetti straps are combined with lightsome sleeves and all together create some kind of a mystery.

For those of you who prefer super simple fits, I would recommend to take a look at this lovely gown in beige. There is nothing in this dress that would make it shine or strike – this might be the first impression. Yet, when you look at the frock a bit closer, you will see the perfect design and excellent performance. Not so many pieces are created in such an impeccable way. Rich atlas repeats every single line of the bride’s precious body, making her the true queen of the day. I myself would go for such a dress as I am not a huge fan of large embellishments.

These were the most gorgeous and alluring wedding gowns that feature long sleeves. I have already shared my favorite number with you. Which dress did you like the most?


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