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Top 8 Couture Wedding Dresses To Take Your Breath Away

Off-shoulder wedding dress in white
Off-shoulder wedding dress in white
There are a large number of bridal dresses available today. All you need to do – as a bride-to-be – is just to decide how exactly you would like to look on your big day and then browse through a thousand (if not even more) options before choosing the final one. However, most of the ladies struggle with this what-seems-to-be-an-easy-task. The reason is exactly the wide range of designs at our disposal: it is not surprising at all that we tend to spend so much time and effort choosing among various pieces. Therefore, it makes sense to familiarize yourself with the most gorgeous and exquisite wedding gowns prior to taking a tour around bridal salons. So if you are in a search of inspiration for you perfect wedding outfit, read on and fall in love with the most luxurious and beautiful Couture bridal dresses.

8 Mind-Blowing Wedding Designs: Couture Fashion

When we speak of wedding outfits, the first thing that usually comes to our mind is a white gown with multiple layers of tulle and organza, classy lace embellishment and maybe an atlas ribbon along the waistline. How many of you get stunned by this description? I can imagine that the number is quite low and there is a very obvious reason to explain it. This is such a cliché piece that it can hardly impress anyone on this planet. Forget about all those boring designs and try on something more intricate and engaging, especially when this something is offered by outstanding and famous fashion designers.

Ralph & Russo presented a couple of magnificent gowns that are very likely to become your favorite ones. For instance, this adorable piece in ivory features a very unconventional for a wedding gown design – which definitely deserves your attention. The off-shoulder fit is complemented by an elaborate styling in layered ruffles, a skimming silhouette, floor length and an elegant tail. All in one, this is an excellent item for those ladies who prefer elegant and luxurious looks: you can be sure that your style will be kept even on such a big day.

Those of you who are in love with embroidery and engaging embellishment, will totally love this magnificent dress by Rami Al Ali. The very design of the piece makes one’s mouth water, so there is no need to describe all the advantages you will have with such a gown. It is more worthy though to focus on the styling part of the piece. Strapless bodice with a sheer neckline and low waistline is combined with a precious lace adornment of the top part and glittering tulle floor-length skirt. With such a dress you won’t even need any additional accessories to complement it.

Bronze & gold wedding dress
Bronze & gold wedding dress
Who said that a bridal dress has to be white? This is a stereotype that can be easily broken – just like all the other ones. Go ahead and put on something that stands out from the myriad of all the alike-looking pieces – it is all about whether a piece speaks to you. For example, one can rock a splendid gown by Valentino which is way far from common standards and nonetheless looks extremely appealing. The long-sleeved bodice features a tight neckline, glimmering texture in bronze and black styling; whereas the floor-length skirt with a high waist is designed in sheer beige tulle with gold and bronze embellishment. I can guarantee that you will be the most uniquely dressed up bride in the whole neighborhood, so it is definitely worth trying such an item on. Just imagine how vibrant and engaging your photos will be afterwards, when the photographer will capture the beauty of your astonishing gown.

Bustier dresses are not an innovation in wedding fashion; however, there are certain pieces that still stand out from the large number of all the others. This is exactly the case with this particular design by Ralph & Russo which is absolutely marvelous. The elegant fit of the item creates a very delicate impression, while the styling part contributes to this image in a great way. Beautiful bodice in violet chiffon features striking floral embroidery in purple, white, lemon yellow, light turquoise and cappuccino. The bottom of the dress is styled as a full skirt in tulle of a matching shade that is designed in the very same way. There is absolutely no way that such a gown leaves anyone in this universe indifferent – and I am pretty sure you have just fallen in love with the piece.

Browse through the images below to see more of the engaging and alluring Couture wedding dresses to find one that would serve as a source of inspiration for you.

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