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The Meaning of the White Wedding Gown

Walking down the aisle in the flawless white wedding gown is the every girl’s dream from the childhood. In fact they might not even think why the dress is their dreams is white, but not pink or blue.

The meaning of the white wedding dress differs by the period. But despite the changing tendencies and trends in the world of women’s fashion, white wedding dress still remains a classical option and a popular choice among the contemporary brides.

Meaning of the white wedding dress

Mistaken fact
It is an erroneous belief that the wedding gowns had been always white. Brides used to wear the wedding dresses of their favorite colors till the marriage of Queen Victoria back in 1840.
Before the Industrial Revolution came, the white wedding dress was the prerogative of the brides from the rich families. Others had to manage it with renting and borrowing the white wedding dress.
The white color stands for the happiness and turning over the new leaf. Though blue was considered to be the color of purity in Renaissance period, white replaced it in the modern time.
Shades of white
The distinct shades of white including the ivory, eggshell, off-white and even champagne carry the same meaning as the simple white wedding dress.
In the Depression era brides used to wear their wedding dresses for more than once. After the big day took place, they colored their dress for the everyday use.

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