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Sweater Look For Your Winter Wedding

In a week it’s going to be winter and as the temperatures continue to plummet keeping warm between trips to ceremony, photoshoot, and reception are getting less and less comfortable. Well, here is a cute way to keep warm in between wedding program hours and simply take your look from traditional to trendy.

Sweater Wedding Look

Sweater over wedding dress

Choose a sweater that is at least 50 per cent natural wool in order for it to be really warm. The best thing about it is that you can take it off and put it on wherever you feel necessary. And if you have an overly decorated bustier you can simply opt for trendy oversize styles.

A good balance is when either the top or lower part is voluminous. If both are, you might look bigger than you want to. A thin sweater and a fluffy skirt might also be a great alternative for a winter wedding dress.

The look a knitted or fuzzy sweater creates together with the wispy tulle and lace makes for a festive but homey cozy kind of look. What do you think?


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