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Summer Wedding Outfits For Daring Brides

Wedding dress trends today are far cry from what they were. Besides you don’t really have to wear a white dress necessarily though many still prefer the color and opt for the dress option. Given the wide range of options it’s would be weird not to consider them. So here are the summer wedding looks for the daring.

Wedding Looks For Daring Brides

Nurit Hen 2016
Nurit Hen 2016 wedding outfit

Crop tops are all the rage, so more and more designers create these types of wedding looks. You can find more demure options but this Nurit Hen dress looks fun and very suiting for hot summer weather. It looks like it belongs in a destination wedding but it could also be a hit at an intimate bash.

Summer wedding dress

Sheer dress or naked dress is another big game-changer. Everybody has at least one in their collection. This dress in particular looks like it could be a one-piece swimsuit and a sheer dress combo, which in itself presents a neat idea for brides who are going to elope and marry their beloved on the beach.

Summer wedding romper

Finally, rompers aren’t just for vacations anymore. There are so many styles and fabrics to choose from, including wedding-worthy designs like this one above. It’s chic, it’s fun, and is more practical and comfortable. It will surely make you stand out and not in a bad way.


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