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Pros and Cons of Two-Piece Wedding Dress

In case you cannot boast the average type of figure, consider going for the two-piece wedding gown, which are the chic alternative the traditional bridal attire. They provide the bride with the opportunity to blend the styles, colors and sizes. Moreover, they are more flattering to the plus-size and pregnant brides. With the popularity of the two-piece wedding dresses growing, designers tend to offer the wider range of such wedding gowns.

Advantages of the two-piece wedding dress

Distinct sizes
In case you have disproportionate body like the big breast and small hips or vice versa, you probably fact the problem with finding the dress that will perfectly fit you in all the parts. Two-piece bridal gown is a perfect solution for this type of brides since you can combine the top and the bottom of different sizes.
Mix and match
Moreover you can benefit from the decorative elements of the two pieces and balance your figure. For instance, pair the full skirt with the fitting top, this way you will balance the large breast. Another way is teaming the richly padded bustier with a sleek skirt for giving the right proportions to the pear-shaped figure. Get the bold and attention-catching look by pairing the top and the bottom of distinct designs. Moreover, they could be of the different shades like the white top and subdued lavender or even black bottom.
Another option of the two-piece wedding dress is wearing the jacket over the dress. Just make sure the jacket is made from the same material and in the same style with the dress. Nowadays you can easily find the jackets embellished with crystals, pearls and beads that add the chic feel to the bridal look. Short jacket with a nice fit will flatter almost every type of body and is a perfect way to cover your arms in case you don’t want to flash them. Moreover, you can wear the jacket just for the ceremony and then remove it during the reception for creating the different bridal look.
Pregnancy gowns
Two-piece wedding gowns are the ideal option for the pregnant brides. While the top may have the fitted or flowing silhouette, the skirt can have the elastic panel for the growing belly.

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