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8 Outrageous & Extravagant Wedding Dresses

Outrageous wedding gown embellished with roses
Outrageous wedding gown embellished with roses
If you ask any lady about her dream wedding dress, most of the time you will receive a very predictable response. It is by all means a white ball gown that preserves the status of the most popular bridal outfit today. And regardless of how many of different pieces designers release every season, this particular design remains on the top. Nonetheless, there seem to be those individuals who abstain from following the path of crowd and have their own fashion taste. It is not necessarily something that will speak to every each of us, but at least these ladies are trying to introduce some innovations, whereas most of the brides-to-be don’t even bother. In case you are curious about how differently a bride with a unique fashion taste can look, scroll down and be amazed at the 7 outstanding and catchy pieces.

Top 8 Wedding Designs To Stun You

Those of you who are in love with florals, will adore this particular look. This amazing strapless bustier frock features one of the most beautiful and delicate bridal colors as well as an extremely outstanding design. Not every single lady will be able to rock such an outfit, however if you do so be sure that your wedding ensemble will be remembered for a long time. It is all about the skirt here – here it is embellished with a myriad of exquisite roses in different size. Ash pink makes it impossible to not fall for the piece, whereas the overall composition keeps one’s eyes at the gown. If anyone is concerned with how comfortable it is to wear such an item, there are too many changing outfits today to miss such an opportunity.

If this looks too boring and moderate to you, then feel free to try on this astonishing outfit. The dress itself is not that outrageous, it is rather the headwear piece that attracts more attention. The item was obviously inspired by a reindeer and represents a two piece construction complemented by a piece of embroidered tulle. If you have a goal to strike all your guests to the largest extent possible, feel free to wear this outfit. I might not guarantee that you will feel comfortable in it, but we are ready to sacrifice anything for the sake of fashion, right?

Here is another outfit that features a unique headwear piece. The frock is rather modest and classic – there is nothing outrageous in a strapless floor-length dress with a straight silhouette. However, the moment you switch your attention to the top part, you will have your breath taken away for sure. It is hard to describe the item, as it reminds of everything and nothing at the same time. The large piece consists of long spikes in beige that are placed in different directions, creating an impressive range. Some floral embellishment along the hem add a delicate touch to the composition. The beauty of such an ensemble is that you can easily create a very regular and sophisticated wedding look by simply taking off the head piece.

Inspired by antique goddesses, this stunning outfit may not be the most extravagant piece you have ever seen, but one has to admit that it features a certain touch of it. The largely draped item is styled with shapeless sleeves, low neckline, asymmetric skirt and multiple layers of precious atlas in cream. I am completely in love with the color of this item – very delicate and exquisite. The rest is far from being tender or elegant; nonetheless one will find it hard to take their gaze from this ensemble. The impressive slit along the skirt as well as quite a long tail add up to the overall image and make one go crazy about such a piece. Combine it with some heavy a-la rock jewelry pieces, a unique headwear accessory, a bunch of olives tree benches instead of a usual bridal bouquet and your extravagant wedding outfit will be complete and ready to go.

There are some wedding items below that look unique and unusual. You may not necessarily fall in love with all of them, but it is still nice to have a record of the most extravagant designs and maybe even get some  inspiration from the pieces.

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