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Olivia Palermo’s Wedding Outfit: Cashmere, Blue & Shorts

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl
Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl
When it comes to a celebrity’s wedding one can draw different kinds of images in mind. However, there are basically two groups of celebs in regards to the way they celebrate a wedding ceremony. While one group throw up huge parties with the most famous guests and most luxurious dishes and drinks, the other one go for rather modest and discreet ceremonies. It is hard to judge which way is better, as such an event is purely personal and thus there is no universal way to celebrate it. Yet, we can still evaluate particular events. What I suggest you to focus on today is the wedding outfit of Olivia Palermo, one of the most progressive and beautiful It-girls. This stunning lady always presents very saucy and unique looks and of course she could not wear a regular and boring outfit to her own wedding. What she rocked is beyond any competition for sure. Scroll down to see more images and find out about her enchanting ensemble.

Unique Wedding Outfit of Olivia Palermo

A lot of predictions have been made on the topic of Olivia’s designer choice. People made guesses featuring various designers; but now there is no room for discussion anymore. We all know the lucky one’s name – Carolina Hererra. However, if you are expecting to see a regular wedding gown with huge skirt and lots of roses, you might be a bit disappointed. Her outfit is not even close to the cliche look of a bride. In fact, she does not look like a real bride – if I spotted her on the street I would just consider her to be an over-dressed up lady.

Olivia and Johannes Huebl decided to throw a very small and modest ceremony. It was attended by relatives and closest friends only. No red carpet and thousands of bottles of champagne – just comfortable atmosphere, sincere wishes and very beautiful setting. The couple managed to not bother with the restaraunt or any other fancy venue either. The ceremony took place in a quiet park hidden in Bedford, New York. Green grass, soft sun and deep blue sky – I can hardly come up with a more engaging setting.

We really wanted to keep this beautiful day very private and special to us and enjoyed the whole day with our family and two friends. Bedford is such an amazing and romantic countryside.

I am not sure whether I myself would be able to invite two friends only, but the very idea sounds quite engaging to me. The ceremony becomes then a very special event, which can be attended by certain people only. And I bet such an event will definitely stay in memory of your very few guests.

Olivia Palermo wearing Carolina Hererra and Manolo Blahnik
Olivia Palermo wearing Carolina Hererra and Manolo Blahnik
It was not only about the format of the wedding that was quite moderate. Olivia’s wedding look was far from a regular bride’s outfit. It might seem to be very controversial, but I like it a lot. After all, no one set a rule about the way a wedding ensemble should look like. The beauty donned a lovely cashmere cardigan in light pistachio, which is alone a very unusual option. She went even farther and added a pair of very delicate tailored shorts in white. This piece was complemented with a beautiful full skirt in tulle with high slit and floral styling – this particular item reminded one of a wedding mood the most. To make the outfit even more engaging and exquisite, the fashionista rocked a pair of absolutely striking pumps in cobalt blue. This choice was inspired by Carrie Bradshaw, who donned the very same pair to her civil wedding ceremony with Mr. Big. Palermo is obviously so much in love with these lovely shoes featuring a crystal buckle that she donned them a couple of times before they finally made to the biggest occasion in the beauty’s life.

This outfit deserves the highest appraisal, even though it is far from a traditional wedding ensemble. As far as we are informed, this was just the first of the couple’s wedding celebration, so we still have something to be looking forward to.

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