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Most Striking Bridal Bikini Suits

Sparkling crystals
Sparkling crystals
Have you ever thought of throwing a wedding party out on the beach? I bet every single lady had at least one dream about a wedding somewhere on Maldives or Hawaii. However, to make this dream come true you do not have to order the five-star hotel and an airplane to accommodate and transport all of your guests. It can be done in a much easier way. What you need to have is a nice and not very crowded beach area, good weather and proper outfits. The last one deserves the most attention, as this you should feel comfortable enough to enjoy the event. And if it is plus ninety (Fahrenheit) outside and you are wearing a classic white gown with tons of layers, I doubt that you will be happy at all. For this kind of a ceremony a bride has to wear a swimsuit. Yet, not a regular one that you usually have on while diving in a pool. It has to be an exquisite and beautiful wedding bikini – below you will see what exactly it should look like.

Wedding Bikini: 6 Adorable Pieces 

Outfit number one is my favorite one. This lovely ensemble looks incredibly delicate and precious. One can tell from the very beginning that this is not a regular swimwear piece. The white color itself might not be such a decisive factor. I believe it is more the embellishment that gives the item’s uniqueness away. You will fall in love with the gorgeous lines of crystals encrusted along the bikini trim. There is nothing else featuring in this suit, but I still can’t help staring at it.

If you would like to have something less luxuriously-looking but not very simple, here is a perfect option for you. You will totally like this bikini in crystal white, which is styled in lace. You will also spot some gemstones here, but not in such a great number as the previous one had. Besides, this ensemble does not look nearly as formal as the one above. I guess it is due to the ribbons and the cute bows on the top of the bra part.

For those of you who love catchy details, I have also found a stunning outfit. There is no way one would not fall for this magnificent bikini which features a bright pink heart with gold trimming on the bra. Moreover, the bottoms part also has something to drool over: in case people confuse you with another guest you can always remind them of your special role by turning your behind.

Here comes an extremely beautiful and the most vibrant wedding bikini that you have ever seen. It might not necessarily fall under a traditional understanding of this outfit, but after all swimwear has never been such. This strapless bar suit is designed in a marvelous floral print, which makes this item very delicious and saucy. Besides, the color palette also speaks to me a lot: light peach is offset by green and pink, which all together create an irresistible image.

Another lace piece, but this one is more sophisticated and precious. The bustier fit adds a lot to the look and so does the intricate embellishment of the outfit. I would go without the atlas bows on the sides of the bottom part though, as it looks a bit too much to me; however, even with this styling the ensemble looks quite appealing.

In case you don’t want to really bother with looking for these lovely pieces and then spend another forty hours searching for the matching accessories, feel free to just go for the most simple bikini set one can find. For example, this white suit features nothing excessive or outstanding except for one single phrase: I DO. Which is, I believe, the most important one during the wedding ceremony. If you are this kind of person who does not bother with the look, but more with the fun part, then it would be the rightest wedding swimsuit to wear.

Take a look at the most appealing wedding bikini sets and choose the one of your dream!

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