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Most Engaging Futuristic Wedding Gowns

Futuristic wedding gown
Futuristic wedding gown
People have this tendency to look forward to the future days and try to predict tomorrow. Such a temptation has always been in place and I doubt that there would be anything or anyone capable of changing it. Humanity has attempted to invent a time machine several times. Wherever you go you will definitely find some talented and blessed person who would look through the crystal ball and tell your fortune. However, there are other – more realistic – things happening in our lives. For instance, futurism as a stream in the world of art has emerged relatively recently. Yet, it has already gained popularity among the highly artistic people and appraisal of the followers and fans. Fashion did not stay aside from the influence of this approach and has also developed some futuristic elements. And of course, wedding designers could not miss this great opportunity to share their own view on the bride’s gown of future. Below are some most gorgeous and appealing wedding dresses of the next century.

Wedding Dress Through a Crystal Ball

Forget about the numerous layers of tulle and organza – the future wedding gown is not pompous at all. You won’t have to torture yourself in a huge piece of clothing for hours. The less grand your outfit the better it will be. However, don’t expect it to be simple or moderate. Quite the contrary, the silhouettes will blow your mind to the greatest extent possible. I assume these fits may be very normal in a couple of decades, but today they look pretty unconventional. Off-shoulder frock in cream with asymmetric styling and ruffled trim is complemented by an engaging headpiece and jewels in gold.

Next century will also welcome short wedding dresses. For instance, this lovely frock could perfectly fit into the setting of some science-fiction movie with an action taking place in 2070s. I like the baggy silhouette – which is not very common for a wedding gown – as well as oversized shoulders, metallic mesh embellishment and tulle tail that creates some extra volume.

The most unique bride’s gown that I have ever seen will definitely speak to you as well. For one thing it does not look like a wedding frock at all. One might easily take it for something different; yet, this is what, in some designers’ opinion, ladies will wear to the ceremony in the nearest future. If that’s the case, I will be more than happy to live up to the next millennium and rock such an outfit.

This dress features a very engaging design. It is rather hard to tell what function the oversized sleeves have and whether they have any in the first place. I wonder if a bride would feel comfortable enough to move around in such an outfit. Yet, I am pretty sure there is a very smart solution to this problem – so no need to worry about it for now. Another thing that makes this frock so catchy is a very rich embellishment in florals along the shoulders. Apart from that, the dress has a very simple silhouette.

Last but not least is this very appealing and unique frock. It would make a perfect match for a character from a fairy-tale or a fantasy story. I am not quite sure if I myself would wear such a number; however, you never know what rules fashion will dictate. A very graphic piece in beige and black features mini skirt and an impressive tail. The oversized shoulders along with the engaging design of the front part go along with a very unusual headpiece.

These were the five futuristic wedding dresses that deserve to be checked out!

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