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How to Sell Your Wedding Dress

While for some brides the wedding dress is a highly valuable keepsake that could be passed to the future generations, for other it is an expensive dress, which you get to wear just once in your life. In case your marriage ends in divorce, the wedding gown is probably the first thing the bride wants to get rid of and compensate the investment. The best way of getting rid of the wedding dress is reselling it. Read our simple tips and learn how to resell your wedding dress.

Tips on Selling the Wedding Dress

Clean the dress. The cleanness of your dress could become a decisive factor on whether the buyer purchases your dress or not. Pay attention to the areas around the hem and the train, which are most exposed to the stains. Simply take your dress to the dry cleaners that specialize in wedding dresses cleaning.


Do some search. Consider reselling your dress at the local consignment store. However they might have the special conditions on accepting the consignment clothing. Simply give them a quick phone call and figure what season of the year the store accept the wedding dresses and what percent they want to keep for their service.


Online resale. Using the numerous online sites like eBay, PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com or craigslist is an ideal way to sell the second-hand wedding dresses. Make sure to take the high quality pictures of the dress with the
close-ups of the dress damages, which will simplify the purchasing process for the brides.

Local newspaper. An ad in the local newspaper will work best for those brides that look for the worn bridal dresses without paying for shipping. Another way is distributing the fliers through the various wedding vendors.


In case you just simply want to get rid of your wedding dress, consider using the Uncle Sam’s help by donating the dress to the charity needs. This way your expenses will be written off your taxes. If you itemize, this is a perfect method to return the sum you spend on the dress purchasing.


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