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How To Save Money On Wedding Outfit: Convertible Gowns

Pearl gown with a detachable skirt
Pearl gown with a detachable skirt
Wedding ceremony is always a very pricey venture. No matter how moderate your appetite is, you will still end up spending nearly a fortune on the preparation and arrangement process. There are a lot of ways to save money; however, not always these methods prove to be efficient. Most of the time the event turns out to be not as exciting and fascinating as it was planned to be. Hence, it makes since to think twice before trying to save your budget. Luckily, there are some proven ways to do so which are by all means incredibly helpful and effective. One of them is to opt for a convertible dress. Such a gown has so many functions that you will find hard to resist its overwhelming power. Below are some tips on how to choose a transformer dress, a lot of visual examples and incredible advantages.

Wedding Transformer Dresses: A Detailed Guide to Choose and Wear

Here comes my favorite piece – a stunning gown in pearl. This dress is so adorable that there is no way one can stay untouched toward it. I fell in love with this one-shoulder bustier frock the moment I saw it and I am pretty sure you will have a similar reaction. The dress does not feature any extra embellishment, but this is exactly what makes it so appealing and magnificent.  The best part is yet to come though – the gown features a detachable skirt which is the most important detail of the look. Just imagine how hard it is to rock a huge gown with several layers all day long! Designers of this dress (and some of the following ones) came up with a perfect solution to this problem. Whenever the bride feels tired of the heavy skirt, she can easily take it off and enjoy the rest of the evening to the largest extent.

Another striking variation of a convertible dress will also speak to you a lot. This frock unlike the previous one does not feature a detachable skirt – it is one solid piece of clothing. Yet, there is something that you can change in the design as well. The top part is styled in such a way that you can fiddle around with the light piece of tulle and create several astonishing designs. This is a perfect choice for those of you who love to switch between various articles of clothing – you won’t have to buy a whole set of dresses. I am very positive that all your guests will be more than overwhelmed with the different looks that you will present: from a Greek style tunic to a cross-strapped frock.

If you and your beloved one are planning to amaze your guests with a couple of dancing numbers, I have something that will blow your mind away. Why would one be so boring to dance a classic wedding waltz when there are such a great variety of other dances, more exciting and passionate. Anything from bachata and salsa to tango and flamenco perfectly fits into your wedding agenda if you have the right kind of a dress. During the formal ceremony you can sport a beautiful off-shoulder wedding gown in crystal white, featuring red flame-shaped designs and a myriad of tiny white crystals. I adore the open back of the dress which is only complemented by three tiny stripes of fabric. When it is time to show off your dancing skills, your wedding dress transforms into an excellent salsa outfit, giving your legs enough room to move around.

Finally, if you wish to have a chance to further wear your wedding dress without looking inappropriate, here is the best solution for you. A strapless frock in cream featuring a range of ruffled layers turns into a mini dress which can be rocked to a party or any other fashionable event taking place in your life. The black lace styling along the waistline and on the back part of the frock adds a glamorous touch to the look and makes this transformer dress even more irresistible and engaging. Since this is the only embellishment that the dress has, one has quite a wide range of options here in terms of accessories: anything from massive necklaces to elegant pearl strings will be excellent.

These were some most astonishing convertible wedding gowns that one has to be aware of. Of course this is not an exhaustive list: to see more of the incredibly beautiful and multi-purpose frocks, browse through the gallery below and enjoy the high style.

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