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How to Save at the Bridal Shop

The wedding day is probably the most important day in every woman’s life, so it is hard to opt for something that is less than ideal including the wedding dress that makes the most of your bridal look and takes away the significant part of your wedding budget. So, we present you the several ways of getting the best deals at the bridal shops.

How to save at the bridal shop

Pay attention to the dresses on the sale racks, which come with the discount. Another way is looking for the bridal shop ads to figure when they are running their sales or simply sign up for the e-mail notifications about the sales. Consider bringing a few friends along since this experience might be quite intense: your friends will be responsible for rounding up the dress before someone else takes them.
Take into consideration that the dresses with small imperfections like the slightly visible tear or the small stain are usually sold with the discount. As a rule those imperfections are the result of the carelessness of the brides-to-be. So, if the imperfection could be easily removed, this is a great chance to get your dream dress for the affordable price. For instance, the stains from the foundation and eyeshadows could be easily removed. So, once you notice the imperfection on the dress, ask the staff whether it could be sold with a discount. Another way to get the discounted dress is buying the already altered dress.
If the price on your dream dress is exceeding your wedding budget, figure whether the shop is willing to negotiate with you. One of the ways of getting the discount is purchasing the bridesmaids’ dresses at the same place. Several shops will decrease the price if you are ready to pay in full that day. Usually it is the manager, who is authorized to decide on the discounts.
Look around and visit as many bridal shops as possible. If you managed to find the dream dress in one shop, but it is overpriced, don’t hesitate to look at other shops that sell the same line. You might be surprised with the price difference in distinct places. Even if you don’t manage to find exactly the same dress in another place, you can still discover the dress with the same-looking silhouette.

Tips on smart wedding dress shopping

Sign up for the bridal boutique mailing list. This way you will be abreast of the secret shopping events and discounts.
Ask the consultant when the shop holds the seasonal sales and how big is the discount.
Don’t forget to visit the nearest sample sales and bridal expos, which are distinguished with the discounted prices on the wedding gowns.
Attend the trunk shows where the fashion designers offer their creations for the discounted price. This event is intended for the special group of customers.

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