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How to Make a Second-Hand Wedding Dress

wedding-dressYou might opt for the second-hand wedding dress for the numerous reasons: the dress is a family heirloom, you decided to save some money and purchased at a bargain, got your dress from the flea market because you love the vintage style.

Going for the inherited wedding dress is an ideal way to evoke the sentimental, but in case your dress doesn’t fit well or has stains or holes, things could get a bit tricky. The best way is altering and restyling your wedding dress or personifying it by adding the personal touches. We present you a useful guide on to your wedding gown updating.

How to make a second-hand wedding dress

Consider adding some color to your wedding gown by wearing the colored sash. Another way is having the second layer of fabric, which is sewn to the underskirt of the train, in the bold hue.
In case you want to adorn your wedding gown, simply add some beadings to the bodice.
The brooch or silk flower pinned to the bodice or neckline will vivify your outfit.
Die the hem
Pick the color that will match the bridesmaids’ gowns and the overall color theme and simply have the hem professionally dyed in this hue.
Restore the dress
The old dresses tend to look a bit worn out and yellowed. Take it to the specialist and have him restore the condition of the dress.
Lower the neckline
In the previous times the necklines used to be higher than contemporary ones, so the simplest way to make your wedding gown look modern is lowering the neckline.
Want to look classy and bold, consider adding accessories in bright hues like bolero, gloves, shoes or jewellery.
Cut the dress
Making your dress a couple inches shorter will add a modern feel to it and will help to avoid the stains on the hem.
Alter the sleeves
If the sleeves look old-fashioned, remove them or make them fitted and of a three-quarter length.

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