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How To Look Like A Goddess In Strapless Dress

Those strapless dresses. They look so magical but are so hard to pull off. Ever wondered why? Well, there are a few factors, which we’ll discuss here to help you choose the best strapless wedding gown and look like a goddess in it.

Look Like A Goddess In Strapless Dress

Elihav Sasson 2015
Elihav Sasson 2015


You may think you have to be a model size to pull off a strapless dress but the key to it looking good is the fit. All store-bought wedding dresses are made to standard so you’ll have to make a few tweaks for it to fit you perfectly.

The bustier top is the most important thing here. It should fit your chest so well that it wouldn’t bulge and crease in an unflattering manner. This is actually a huge downside of strapless dresses so be sure to choose the right size and take your dress to a professional who’ll be able to make necessary adjustments specifically for you.

You should also choose an appropriate bra that wouldn’t show through the fabric. Opt for nude colors that blend with your own skin tone as they are usually less visible. If your dress has enough support and opaqueness you can get away with nipple pasties.

Perform a small fitting test before buying a strapless gown to determine how much tweaking and adjusting you’ll have to make. Bend at the waist to see if dress stays intact and how revealing it gets.

Also make sure to try dresses with different necklines to see which one’s suits you the most. There are heart-shaped, V-neck, scoop, and numerous other cuts that might accentuate or ruin your bust, so choose carefully.

Fail Safe

Another downside to strapless dresses is that they lack necessary support and feel like they might slip any minute revealing you to the entire guest crowd. While it’s generally a good idea to buy dresses with good boning and rubber seams, a couple of pins or sticky tape may also fix your strapless dress and provide additional support and some peace of mind.

Toned Arms & Back

Finally, looking great in a strapless dress has a lot to do with the state of your upper body. If you don’t like how your arms look in a strapless dress a couple of good arm and back toning exercises might improve the situation. Push ups and all kinds of weight training exercises for back will definitely make your arms slender and also improve posture.

Finishing Touch

A few finishing touches require a bit of attention. Wearing an updo with a strapless dress calls for some neck or ear accessorizing, while loose curls will look great with just a veil or a tiara.

What are your tricks to wearing a strapless dress? Does it make you uncomfortable?

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