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How to Find the Wedding Dress for the Older Bride

Regardless the age, every bride wants to look like a princess on her big day. Some might think that the mature bride will probably feel more comfortable wearing the stunning cocktail gown rather than the traditional white wedding dress. However there are no strict rules when it comes to the wedding dress of the older bride. Thus you are free to opt for whatever dress you like and feel comfortable wearing in terms of color, fabric and silhouette.

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There is no difference between the shopping for a regular evening gown and a wedding dress. In both cases the key is good fit and high quality. If you are looking for the ordinary wedding dress, try to avoid frills that look too pretentious. Go for the clean polished design for creating the elegant look.
While ivory and champagne hues are considered to be the classical options among brides and used to warm the skin, the contemporary brides can opt for the pastel shades like lilac and blush.
Stay away from the low neckline or the outright straps. I would call the best wedding dress design for the older brides to be the cap sleeve with a square or scoop neckline with the column silhouette that goes all the way down to the ankle.
It is a normal practice shopping for the dress not in the bridal boutiques. A lot of department stores and online boutiques offer the range of semiformal evening gowns that might perfectly suit your wedding theme. Evening gowns made from fabrics like brocade, satin and taffeta will look stunning on any bride, especially if styled right.
While picking the color of the evening gown, take into consideration the season of the wedding. Pink and yellow will perfectly suit the spring and summer seasons, while burgundy, orange and green will work best for fall and winter period.

Suit is an ideal alternative to the traditional wedding attire for the mature bride. It could be a sheath dress along with the properly fitting jacket or even the fancy pantsuit. Look for the simple silhouette with fancy detailing like satin lapels or embellished buttons.
The blouse or dress under the jacket should be fuss free so that you won’t have to readjust yourself for the photos. As for the jacket, it should hide the obvious imperfections of your body, but at the same time demonstrate the feminine frame. Remember that oversized jacket with baggy or boxy silhouette won’t do that, while the ill-fitting jacket will make you look like a sausage.

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