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How to Donate Your Wedding Gown

You had wedding that made everyone jealous? Why not to make someone else as happy as you were on your big day by donating your wedding gown. In fact there are a few chances your daughter will want to wear your wedding dress if you decide to save it for her since it will be definitely out of fashion by that time. Its most probable fate is hanging in your closet and collecting the dust. Besides, there are wedding photos that will help you refresh the wedding day memories.

How to donate your wedding dress

In case you decide to dry clean your wedding dress, ensure the cleaners are experienced at wedding gowns cleaning. Actually you may even clean it yourself since the majority of dresses are made from polyester, so turn it inside out and wash on gentle regime. If you don’t want to bother yourself with the cleaning, simply spot-clean the obvious stains.
Pick the charity for the donation. For instance, the charity organization Brides Against Breast Cancer sells your wedding gown and uses the money for implementing the grant wishes of people with cancer. Another charity foundation I Do works the similar principle. Another way is donating the dress to the local Goodwill, which directs the money on education, career and training services funding for disabled people.
Get in touch with the organization of your choice in order to get the conditions of the donation process. Some organizations may ask for the receipt in order to base the selling price on the dress’s initial cost. Besides you might be required to send an envelope with your address and stamp to receive the tax deduction receipt.
In order to ship your dress to the charity organization, you will need a large box, but before placing it in the box, you should pack it in the polybag. Don’t forget to fill the box with the bubble wrap or tissue paper. Finally wrap the box around with the thick tape.
Make sure to get the tax deduction receipt: if you didn’t receive the one, contact the organization with the request to resend it. Also it wouldn’t be an extra keeping the shipping receipts since they could be deductible as well.

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