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How to Clean and Store the Wedding Dress


Storing your wedding dress is probably the last thing that comes to your mind when walking down the aisle, but it is an essential part of your wedding. If you clean and store your dress correctly, it will gladden your eyes in 15 years just like it did on your big day.

Things to consider when preserving the wedding dress

Acid is one of the elements that lead to wedding dress damaging. So it is important to keep your gown in the acid-free storage box and cover it with the acid-free tissue paper.

Basement and attic are not the best place for keeping the box with the wedding dress. The temperature difference (either the severe cold or the extreme heat) can injure your gown since it could lead to mold growing.

How to store your wedding gown

Talk to the dry cleaner and ask him the following questions regarding the gown cleaning process: Are different fabrics cleaned differently? Do they provide the special treatment of buttons and sequins in order not to damage them? Can they provide you with the references from other brides? Keep in mind that skillful experts will examine the fabrics before giving yo the guarantee. Dry cleaners have to apply distinct products and use distinct procedures on various materials.wedding-gown-dress-cleaning

Don’t postpone the wedding dress cleaning, it is better to have it dry cleaned within half a year after the wedding day since fresh stains are easier to remove. Ask one of the family members or your maid of honor to take your dress to the cleaning service in case you plan to depart for the honeymoon right away.wedding-gown-dress
Keep your wedding dress in the place with the normal temperature and average living conditions like a bedroom closet.wedding-gown-storing

Refold the gown two times a year in order to avoid the pleats appearing. Put the acid-free tissue paper in between the layers and creases.

Tips on cleaning and storing your wedding dress

Before giving your dress to the cleaner, make sure to take the pictures of the dress with the date stated. These pictures will serve as the evidence in case your wedding dress is injured in the result of cleaning.

Even if you plan to preserve your wedding dress in the box, make sure to place it in the cool and dry area away from the sunlight.

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