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Guide on Wearing Colored Wedding Dress


If you don’t want to go the traditional way by wearing the white or ivory wedding dress, consider going for the colored wedding gown, which will definitely add the spice to your wedding. Don’t be afraid to take risk and amaze your guests with the unique wedding look. All you need is considering the tips on choosing the colored wedding dress.

How to wear the colored wedding dress

The future bride that is brave enough for picking the dress of the color other than white should be totally confident in her decision. If you have already decided to go for the unusual wedding gown, don’t let the old-fashioned relatives or friends change your decision. Remember, this day should be fully dedicated to you and your fiancé so do whatever makes you happy.
Avoid color conflicting with bridesmaid dresses
Make sure that the bridesmaids’ dresses don’t clash with the color of your dress. The color of bridesmaids’ dresses should complement the bridal gown. This is the day of bride’s triumph, so it is important to avoid the bridesmaids’ dresses outdoing the wedding gown.


Go for neutral hues
Neutral is not necessarily boring. A lot of brides that want to bring color to their wedding gown opt for the black one. Black color is stylish, classy and elegant. Moreover it is neutral what guarantees its perfect match with other hues. Black is bold enough but without the mannerism. Navy blue color is another neutral color option that won’t stay unnoticed. Navy blue would work perfect with the raw of hues especially orange, grey and yellow.

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