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How to Find a Cheap Wedding Dress

When it comes to the prices on the wedding dresses, most of the brides prefer not to uncover this nuance to their future husbands since the prices on the ordinary dresses start from 1000 USD. I know, it sounds scary, but some brides take the mortgages in order to afford the wedding dress of their dreams. I understand that the wedding is supposed to be the biggest day in woman’s life where everything has to be perfect starting from the reception to the manicure. But there is no an objective reason to go that crazy about the wedding dress.

Tips on finding the wedding dress on a budget

Hunt for sales. The majority of stores used to have the annual sales on bridal gowns. Besides, the leading wedding dress companies organize the sample sales primarily in the fall. As a rule these sales are unorganized- most of them don’t even have the fitting rooms. So, don’t forget to carry along the swimsuit or a catsuit in order not to flash your goodies.
Once worn dress. Some brides may feel uncomfortable wearing the second hand dress, but this idea is a sure way to obtaining the stunning dress at suitable price, especially when heading to a consignment shop. Especially considering the fact that the consignment shops accept the worn clothes exceptionally in the perfect condition, so you will be likely to find a great dress. There are couple of things to keep in mind: have the written return policy, compare the thrift and the retail price for the new dress of the same model, and finally check the gown for the stain, holes and the strange smells.
Go non-traditional. Think outside the box- don’t stick to the traditional silhouettes of the wedding gown like the sleeveless white dress made from satin with a 5ft train. Instead think about shopping outside the wedding stores. There are plenty of department stores that offer a wide range of formal dresses in the white and ivory gamma that may be quite suitable for wedding. Believe me, no one will know and care where you bought your dress.
Online shopping. Searching online for your wedding dress is the great option for those brides that know what type of dress will represent their figure in the most appealing way and have the plenty of time before the actual event in case the taking in will be needed.
Borrow from friend. You may consider borrowing the wedding dress from your sister, cousin or friend. Most wedding gowns cannot escape the lot of being stored away and never used again. Who knows, maybe you will start the new family tradition to pass the wedding dresses. Make sure to ask whether you may alter the dress.

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