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Crochet Wedding Dresses: 10 Awesome Looks

Adorable crochet wedding dress in cream
If you were looking for some inspiration to overwhelm you, this post will by all means provide you with an impressive portion. Wedding dresses always tend to make us feel more excited and happy. Even if you are not planning to get married in the nearest future, it is still nice to take a look at the most beautiful and unique designs and day dream about your big day. Besides, why not to start preparation ahead of time? They say that our thoughts have a tendency to materialize, so if you have not met your prince yet, this might be the right route to take. Below are the most striking crochet bridal gowns that one can think of.

10 Magnificent Crochet Bridal Dresses To Blow Your Mind 

The moment I saw this adorable dress, I realized how much I actually want to get married. Not that I feel lonely or anything like this. It’s just that this gown is so fascinating and charming that it is hard to not fall for it. And since it is a wedding dress that we are talking about, the only way to rock it is to tie a knot with a prince. I am pretty sure that you will also get impressed with this delicate and exquisite number in beige. The rich crochet embellishment makes it impossible to pass by without a sigh of admiration, while the accessories complement the dress in an excellent way.

Here comes a much more moderate yet very elegant piece that will also speak to you. Those of you who prefer midi cuts and modest embellishment are likely to love this dress a lot. The wide spaghetti strap fit along with the patterned knit are complemented with a matching cardigan. The outfit looks very sophisticated and delicate; however, you can make it more unique by adding a couple of jewelry pieces and some vibrant shoes.

This strapless floor-length gown fits the classic design of a wedding outfit. So if you would like to stay within the regular and casual limits, this is your gold fish. This beautiful embroidered number in cream will stress your natural beauty and grace, whereas the open neckline leaves a lot of room for your creativity. Add a statement necklace or a more exquisite pearl string and you will get a solid and enchanting look.

Those of you who adore low necklines, here is a number that will take your breath away. The maxi length makes this piece stay in one line with many other ones, while the impressive decollete definitely gives it a very authentic zest. In case you happen to be a very bold lady who likes to show off her curves on any occasion, feel free to go for this striking design.

Vintage style is always on zest, no matter what. People tend to fall for things that are marked with a touch of olden days. Hence, it does make sense to opt for a wedding dress styled in the 80s spirit. This astonishing crochet gown in beige features layering, fringe, thigh-skimming fit and a large number of accessories. I bet all your guests will be amazed with the bride, if you choose to rock such a piece.

You can easily sport a knee-high wedding dress, if you are not a big fan of large and uncomfortable gowns. Besides, you will have a chance to rock the number later on – due to its multifunctional fit. The V-neckline and sleeveless silhouette are combined with a straight fit and rich embroidery. I am in love with the exquisite design and the lovely color of this gorgeous dress.

Here is a very moderate and sophisticated dress. The tight neckline along with the sleeveless fit makes it a very unusual wedding gown. Moreover, the very design of the piece is worth being mentioned. The cable knit number is complemented by an exquisite and beautiful crochet pattern along the bottom of the mid-ankle skirt – which makes this gown stand out from the myriad of the other ones.

Fans of beige shades, this is a dress that will blow your mind away for sure. The gorgeous floor-length gown with short sleeves and a very tight neckline is a perfect choice for the modest ladies who prefer to not expose their bodies that much. However, the skimming silhouette will still add an alluring zest to your look. The precious crochet pattern gives a very irresistible touch to this design.

Wedding gowns with tails are something that every single lady has dreamed of at least once in her lifetime. This adorable number features an open back – which is itself a very engaging element. In addition to the impeccable crochet design, the gown is complemented with an impressive embroidered tail which will make your look more memorable and enchanting.

Last but not least comes a beautiful cable knit and crochet frock in white. This number feature a mesh net neckline, sleeveless fit, a layered skirt and beautiful embroidery. Besides, you will spot a delicate belt along the waistline which adds a cute touch to the outfit. Such a dress does not requite any additional embellishment or extra accessories; otherwise your look will be overloaded.

These were the most striking and beautiful crochet wedding dresses that were worth being checked out. Which one spoke to you the most?

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