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Celebrities’ Short Wedding Dresses

Keira Knightley in Chanel
Keira Knightley in Chanel
We are all used to seeing huge wedding gowns and there is nearly nothing else that can come to our mind. People tend to opt for things that they are well familiar with, which is why there is so little room for innovation. And here I am talking not only about wedding dresses. Anything that you touch upon in your life is more or less explored and studied. You rarely choose a new path – but if you do so, imagine how many more emotions you will receive. It does not have to be something grandiose or completely unique – as long as it does not go in line with the mainstream fashion, it will work in a perfect way. One way to show off your individuality and sharp taste is to go for a short wedding dress. If you think that this is way too bold for you, I can reassure you: you are not going to be the first one on this path. A number of celebrities have already donned such a piece and I am very positive that they did not regret it at all. Below are the striking frocks sported by Keira Knightley, Rachel McAdams, Anja Rubik, Kate Gosselin, and Miranda Kerr.

5 Magnificent Short Wedding Dresses: Celebrities’ Fahion

Keira Knighley rocked my favorite short dress so far. The actress have always demonstrated a perfect fashion taste, but in this case she went even beyond that. This adorable piece by Chanel looks absolutely terrific. I am in love with the delicate fabric that the frock is made out of as well as the way it is styled. It is impossible to stay indifferent to this lovely item in several layers of tanned pink tulle. The strapless bustier fit along with the flare tutu-like skirt create a stunning impression. A light jacket over Keira’s shoulders is exactly what is required to complete the look. There is also one more detail about the dress that you should know – this article of clothing is recyclable. The beauty has already donned it three times, slightly changing the design each time.

Kate Gosselin did not get married recently; yet, she was sporting a wonderful dress as she posed on the streets of New York City. Kate tried on this beautiful dress for an episode in Celebrity Apprentice – so nothing to worry about, you have not missed anything. The blonde stunner looked drop dead gorgeous as she was showing off this magnificent item in crystal white. Another strapless frock features a slightly different design than Keira’s dress did. This piece is more skimming, besides it has some fringe along the hem of the skirt – this detail makes the item look very unique. You will also spot some delicate rose-shaped adornment: although this sort of embellishment is not so rare for  a wedding dresses, you are not likely to see the roses on the very bottom of the dress.

Anja Rubik looked very exquisite and lovely in this marvelous dress by Emilio Pucci. If I had a chance to choose between Keira’s dress and this one, I would hesitate a lot before finalizing my decision. What makes this frock so engaging is its gorgeous fit. There are not so many frocks that feature asymmetric silhouette, sheer tulle sleeves and a very intriguing decollete. If you opt for such an item you won’t even have to worry about jewelry pieces or footwear choice – the dress is so striking that people will barely notice other elements of your outfit. Hence, it is simplifying you life in a significant way, which is another reason to rock it.

Miranda Kerr couldn’t wear a regular wedding dress. Victoria’s Secret Angel is obliged to always stand out and amaze her numerous fans with stunning numbers that she rocks. Of course when it came to her big day, she had no right to look cliche or boring. This is exactly why she went for such a gorgeous piece. The bustier frock with a tulle tail is embellished with tiny florals which all together create a breath-taking view. There is no way one can pass by such a dress without falling for it. The super short flare skirt stresses Miranda’s slim and slender legs, while the skimming fit emphasizes her voluptuous features.

Rachel McAdams showed off quite a lovely dress as well. Although it was not her wedding dress, she still looked very beautiful. Posing at one of the scenes for Vow movie, the actress sported a very delicate and romantic frock in light pink. Once again, it was about a strapless fit – seems like this type of dresses is the most popular one. Different textures of the fabric make this dress even more engaging, while the delicate flowers embellished with tiny rhinestones add a glamorous touch to the outfit.

These were the best short wedding dresses that are presented by our favorite celebrities. While you do not have to opt for exactly the same designs and styles, this post was aiming at giving you some fresh and unique ideas for your own wedding dress.


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