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Bridal Accessory: Cape Or Veil?

Veil seems to be an essential wedding tradition but as it slowly transformed into a mere and optional accessory it can just as easily be replaced with something different like a cape. The latter has become fashionable again in casual clothes as well as wedding dresses. Caped frocks are surely dramatic but they are also more practical as you won’t have to choose a complementing veil that may cost up to hundreds of dollars.

Wedding Cape Or Veil?

Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles hitched wearing a white Humberto Leon for Kenzo dress with a dramatic cape and gold cuffs

The cape will also free up your head so you can wear any ‘do or harstyle you like without the hassle of attaching and removing the veil. Your cape may have an additional detail like a hood, which makes for a very unique winter wedding look.

Capes also come in many shapes and forms. There are embellished sheer lace or tulle capes, solid smooth capes, sleeve capes, short capes and dramatic long train capes. Shortly speaking, capes are anything but boring.

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