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Best Wedding Gowns in Black

Adorable wedding dress in black with gold embellishment
Adorable wedding dress in black with gold embellishment
When one thinks of a wedding dress, there are not so many options to choose among. What I am trying to say is that usually an image is very primitive – a pompous white gown with several layers of tulle or organza and with some most intricate embellishment in the universe. This is the image we have been getting from numerous novels and romantic movies as well as from relatives’ and friends’ experience. Yet, it would be much more fun if we started to think in a different way. Who on earth set this rule? A wedding dress does not necessarily have to be white. There are so many of other shades that it would be such a shame to focus on several only. Hence, it is quite the time for us to develop critical thinking and go for innovative and creative ideas. I suggest to start with the most revolutionary one and take a look at the most gorgeous wedding gowns in black.

Black Swan: 6 Magnificent Gowns

If you are still hesitating, then there are several dresses that will help you to make up your mind. The piece does not have to be purely black – as I mentioned before, there are too many colors to be ignored. So one can easily opt for a combination: several shades that all together add up to a marvelous look. For instance, this breath-taking gown in lace is impossible to not fall in love with. First of all, it is all about the unique color pattern – I doubt that any of your friends has ever donned such an outfit for a wedding ceremony. So you can become a trendsetter by rocking an extremely elegant strapless dress with a black bodice and matte A-fit skirt. An exquisite belt on the waistline along with beautiful design and several textures create an astonishing impression.

Another way to amaze your guests and everyone else around is to sport a sophisticated and precious gown in black with gold embellishment. These intricate designs make it absolutely impossible for one to stay indifferent towards the outfit. The dress looks very luxurious and exquisite and by all means creates a very alluring image. With such a dress be sure that your fiancee will fall in love with you again and again.

A somewhat similar dress yet in a different style and design can make your wedding ceremony a very memorable event. It looks as a combination of Reem Acra and Elie Saab. So if you are in fond of these designers, you will definitely love this frock. It is very light and romantic – the perfect combination for a wedding outfit. And although the piece features much of the black shade, it does not seem to be gloomy at all. Quite the contrary, the way this color is combined with the delicate tan adds a very unique and engaging zest to the look. I adore the cute ruffles that this gown is embellished with. Also, you can spot a sheer bodice adorned with lace and a glimmering belt in gold, which perfectly completes the look. I don’t think that a regular dress (no matter how white it is) can compete with this number.

Next piece is completely in black; however, it is designed in a very appealing way. This time it is all about the length – the midi strapless frock with a lovely skirt looks super gorgeous. The bustier bodice creates a very alluring look, while the baby doll silhouette adds a cute zest. One thing I would change though is the accessories this frock is styled with. It would be much more engaging and pretty if the lady rocked a statement necklace or a couple of cute bracelets. Of course, we should not forget that this is a wedding ceremony and you want to look as gorgeous as possible, even though you are wearing black.

For super bold ladies there is a great chance to show off all the individuality and creative approach. All-black gown with a bustier bodice and sheer tulle skirt looks very gothic. Yet, it does not prevent us from falling for it. I can imagine what the reaction of your event attendees would be, once they spot a bride in such a outfit. Surprise, astonishment, shock, admiration – all these emotions will be reflected on their faces. If this is what you are expecting to get, then this piece of art is definitely designed to be yours.

And finally, the most alluring wedding dress in black. The perfect texture of atlas makes this gown repeat every single curve of your body. The elegant fit creates a very sharp and tasty impression. Light ruffles are combined in an exquisite design that features a moderate tail. However, the main part is yet to come. This magnificent dress features an open back – which by all means makes it the hottest wedding frock ever. I can hardly find the right word to describe it – and I am not sure if I really have to. There is no need in describing this piece any further – just have a look at it yourself and enjoy the brilliance of the gown.

These were the six of the most stunning wedding dresses in black. I hope that they helped you change you mind about a traditional bride’s outfit.

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