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ASOS Makes Wedding Dresses Affordable

Expensive wedding dresses are (usually) beautiful and beautiful wedding dresses are expensive. This is a fact. But there are also affordable but quality trendy pieces that won’t even break a $300 dress budget. And look at how beautiful they can be. As ASOS ventures into bridal fashion the store brand makes sure that their frocks are on the top of the fashion curve and are yet flattering and affordable.

These maxi options are for brides with different tastes. There are more classic silhouettes like the V-neck slip dress or a boho high-neck number. And then there is a trendy crop top option that is both stylish and wedding-appropriate. If you have a small budget these are the best options for the price offered plus you’ll be able to afford decent shoes and some accessories.

The beauty of a cheap (price-wise) wedding dress is that you can recycle it and keep as a special occasion number. And if you’re practical, it’s what you’d want from such an investment as an expensive dress. The downside of a couture gown is that while you may hope it’ll become a family heirloom you never know whether it’ll stand the test of time both in term of fashion and integrity.

ASOS Wedding Dress Collection

Boho sleeves for free-spirited brides who also like glamour

Asos Flutter Sleeve Maxi Dress

Classic silhouette of a slip dress with a universally flattering V-neck

Asos Deep Plunge Strappy Fishtail Maxi Dress

Embellished dress for a vintage wedding

Asos Embellished Maxi Dress

Trendy crop top option for fashion-conscious brides

Asos crop top maxi dress


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