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10 Strikingly Beautiful Wedding Dresses in Pastels

Adorable wedding gown in peach
Adorable wedding gown in peach
One can be amazed with the number of options that the wedding designers offer today. You can spot different kinds of dresses: from off-shoulder and knee-high gowns to the turtleneck and floor-length ones. As you can imagine, it is quite easy to get lost in such an extensive variety. That is why it is very reasonable to check out different tops that provide you with a detailed and comprehensive insight into certain trends in wedding outfits today. This is what this post is going to be dedicated to. Below are 10 stunning wedding gowns that are styled in pastel shades. If you have doubts about how much these colors would fit into the fall wedding, be sure that any ceremony will be beautified by a piece from the following collection.

10 Breath-Taking Wedding Gowns in Pastel Shades

Here comes a dress in the most unique color palette I have ever seen. This adorable piece features a strapless bustier fit, embellished bodice and a layered tulle and organza skirt. The latter is designed in such a way that no lady will ever be able to resist the charming beauty of this number. The skirt represents a saucy and very delicate mixture of panels in light turquoise, lemon yellow and rose violet. This combination is so magnificent that the dress reminds one of a rainbow.

If you prefer to have fewer colors, but more embellishment, then this marvelous gown will definitely speak to you a lot. The ivory piece in exquisite atlas is embroidered with silver threads that create intricate and engaging ornaments. Short sleeves and a rectangular slit across the neckline add up to the overall impression, while the light pink hues make this gown more desirable and irresistible.

Fans of blue and violet shades, here is a piece that combined both colors. The stylish and delicious shade that this dress is styled in, by all means is capable of turning any woman into a true beauty queen. The strapless silhouette along with the extensive tail, ruffled embellishment and cute pattern of the fabric all together make this gown a very appealing and alluring item.

Lemon beige is an extremely elegant and chic color. However, one has to be very careful with it. If you were blessed with a super light skin color, then it would be very dangerous to go for such a shade as you risk to get completely blended in with it. Hence, you need to get some sun tan before trying on this piece. The short sleeves, transparent tulle neckline and a straight A-fit of the gown all add up to quite a cool and lovely impression.

Here is a purely violet dress that is designed in an absolutely adorable way. The strapless bodice looks quite elegant and simple, which perfectly goes with the richly embellished skirt. The ruffled strips of precious fabric are designed in a shape of a rose, which definitely adds up to the overall image.

Mint shades might not be so much in vogue today; however, we still tend to fall in love with the clothing piece that are designed in this color. This is exactly the case with this beautiful dim mint dress in light chiffon. The gorgeous style as well as the elegant fit make the piece one of the most desirable wedding gowns I have ever spotted. I am pretty sure that any bride wearing such a number will feel like a princess.

Peach is also a very engaging hue. This shade is capable of turning every single look into something extremely delicate and romantic. This adorable and mind-blowing gown is a dress that is worth to die for. The bustier fit makes it incredibly alluring and hot, whereas the multiple layers of ruffles which are styled in a somewhat messy way add a touch of elegance and chic.

Here is another dress in blue; yet, this time it is a more sophisticated and luxurious one. The straight A-fit is paired with the rich atlas, triangular hem, off-shoulder sleeves and slightly ruffled bodice. The piece looks very chic and precious and will by all means give the very same image to a bride wearing it.

Powder pink is something that is very hard to resist, as this color can make any outfit look more attractive and romantic. And this is a perfect combination for a wedding gown. The beautiful design of this dress will not leave anyone untouched; so you should have no hesitation or doubts about this piece of wedding wear.

And finally, here comes the least pastel wedding outfit of all the presented ones. I would still add it to this category, since it mostly features a very gorgeous and delicate shade of pastel blue. The bottom is however is styled in a darker color, which offsets the light top in an excellent way. This gown is designed in a gradient pattern and looks very unique and engaging.

Above were ten of the most astonishing and beautiful wedding gowns that are designed in pastel colors. Which dress would you go for?

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