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Wedding Ceremony Tips

Wedding-ceremonyWe advise you to use our simple tips for setting the best possible wedding ceremony.

Tips on perfect wedding ceremony

Assign a Cue Person
Usually this obligation lays on the shoulders of the room manager or the party planner, but you can ask one of your family’s friend to hold this role as well. The Cue Person controls the process of the right music accompanying certain person. The Cue Person also lines everybody up for the processional.
Wedding-ceremonyIn case the processional goes behind the time, it is the Cue Person that informs the musicians about the time shortage and gives the sign to musicians about everybody’s readiness. He then sends the signals about the proceeding time.
Wedding-ceremonyThought it might seem to be an easy role, the inexperienced Cue Person can totally ruin the entire ceremony. Once the Cue Person is done with his job, the musicians receive the signal about the service continuing.
Wedding-ceremonyProcession shouldn’t be too long or too short
In case you plan to have the large party and the extended walkway, your processional can last very long. So, you might consider its pairing. Another option is sending one bridesmaid shortly after another down the aisle. It is important to make sure that the last person is at the end of the walkway so that the bride walks down the empty aisle.
Wedding-ceremonyIn the opposite cases, short aisle and the small wedding party could make your ceremony too rushing. In order to avoid this, you should try to lengthen out the processional. This time you may allow everyone follow the full length of the aisle. And remember, timing is the key.
Wedding-ceremonySelect the proper music
Music should match the touching and romantic atmosphere of the wedding ceremony. You may start with the meditative music, which will relax your guests while they are waiting.
wedding-ceremony-musicFigure where you want to squeeze in the bride’s entrance music. Some brides even prefer entering in the total silence, which is a very effective way to grab everyone’s attention and create the ceremonial atmosphere.
wedding-ceremony-musicInterlude music
As a rule full mass church services require interlude music, but contemporary couples try to exclude this element. So, most of the times it takes place in silence.
wedding-ceremony-musicRecessional, postlude and cocktail hour
The inspiring recessional music is followed by the postlude, which accompanies the guests exit. As for the cocktail hour, it is time for the jolly celebratory music.


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