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Tradition of the Unity Candle

The unity candle ceremony is a rite, which is often held at the American Christian weddings and involves the mothers of both bride and groom. Despite the fact that the origin of this ceremony is unknown, the ceremony became quite popular lately. The bride and groom take part in the candle lighting to celebrate their union.

Unity candle tradition at the weddings

As a rule in the ceremony participate the mothers of the bride and groom. At the beginning the mothers light two tapered candles and then pass them to the bride and groom so that they could use them at the rest of the ceremony. Besides, the children of the couple along with the close friends and family members sometimes participate in the ceremony.
Ceremony scheduling
The candle lighting ceremony is usually held once the bride and groom exchange their vows. It should take place indoors in order to protect the fire from the wind and other weather conditions.
The wedding officiant the one who should explain the symbolism of the unity candle ceremony to those guests that are not familiar with it. This ceremony should be mentioned at the printed wedding programs.
Responsibilities of the bride and groom
Each the bride and groom receive the tapered candles. At the same time the couple lights the unity pillar candle as a symbol or their connection in marriage. Some couples go for the decorated candles with the bride’s and groom’s names written on them. As the ceremony ends, the tapered candles could be either blown out or remain burning. Tapers should be put in the candelabras.
Unity candle alternatives
A nice alternative to the unity candle lighting is mixing the vials of sand into the large cup where each granule of the sand symbolizes the bride and groom. Blending of the sand represents the union of two people.

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