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Three Striking Ways of Creating Wedding Vows

One of the key parts of the wedding ceremony is the wedding vows. The major part of the couples worries a lot about speaking out their wedding vows in front of the public knowing that all the attention is directed on them. I agree it is hard to speak in public and this is probably the most nervous moment of the day, but exchanging the vows is also one of the most important moments. So, we present you the three ways of creating the wedding vows.

How to Create Wedding Vows

Traditional wedding vows

The traditional way of exchanging the wedding vows is repeating the words the celebrant says. Usually these are the short vows since the length is not the synonym of quality. Besides, the short vows won’t make you feel nervous since you can ask the officiant to speak slower if needed.

Write Wedding Vows

Writing your own vows

Some couples don’t want to write their wedding vows as they are afraid they will sound petty. However, as far as you express your deepest feelings through your wedding vows, I promise they won’t sound cheesy at all. Sure, some vows are more eloquent than the others, but there is no a better way to tell about your true feelings than speaking out the vows of your own work. Besides I am sure your beloved one will be delighted hearing the words that came from the depth of your heart.

Couple Wedding Vows

Combining the traditional vows with the personal words

Some couples find the fact of writing own vows as utterly stressful. However, they wouldn’t mind to add the personal touch to their speech. So, in this case you can simply combine the traditional vows with the personal words: repeat the traditional words after the officiant and at the end include your personal words. Usually the bride and the groom express the love, appreciation and gratitude in these words. Instead of vowing, you simply reveal the sentiments towards another person.

Wedding Vows

I cannot advise you to prefer one way to another since you know better what makes you feel most comfortable. In case you chose to write your own vows, make sure to make the notes, which you can bring along to the wedding ceremony. Everyone understands your are being above yourself on the most important day in your life, so it is ok to stammer once in a while.

Wedding Ceremony Couple

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