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Ideas For Baroque-Inspired Wedding

Baroque style may be 2012 fashion-wise, but when it comes to throwing a luxurious wedding baroque is the style to go for. Lavish and intricate baroque can easily translate into wedding decor. From a wedding dress to the shoes and even cake – baroque style can be found anywhere and brought in through many items.

Baroque Wedding Inspiration

BAroque weddingvenue in Sicily=

Baroque wedding venue in Sicily

If you want to just add a bit of baroque lavishness to the wedding decor opt for the baroque photo frames, cake, and a veil. These small details will bring just enough of style so you don’t have to add anything else. Baroque elements are great as they can can bring so much to the decor.

If you are thinking about throwing a baroque-themed wedding with the period attire and full decor then prepare to splurge on a dress, a venue, and baroque style decorations.

You can rent baroque period costumes for the wedding or go for something more wearable and buy or rent a dress inspired by the style.

If you don’t want to splurge on a baroque-style venue you can always throw a garden party and simply create the right atmosphere with a few decorations like tablecloth, tableware, and favors.

Create baroque invitations using a black or gold printed pattern. As to favors you can offer small baroque photo frames or candles. Place card holders can too be styled to fit the wedding theme.

In a baroque cake it is all about decoration so you can choose gold or ivory plant motifs or other decorations characteristic for the style. It’s hard to overdo with baroque as it’s quite heavy on decorations so when it comes to wedding decor think along the lines ‘the more the merrier’.

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