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How to Write Wedding Vows

Wedding-vowsI am sure you came up with a lot of interesting and unique things to introduce during your wedding receptions and made sure to add your personal style. So, why not to make your wedding ceremony original as well. One of the ways to do that is writing the personalized wedding vows.

Coming up with your own wedding vows is not an easy thing, but in fact it is not as difficult as it might seem. With our useful tips you will find the vows writing process quite easy.

First decide whether each of you will come up with own wedding vows or whether you will recite the similar ones that you write together. You may mix these two ways: speak out your personalized vows by turn and then exchange the traditional ones that start with the words “I take you to be my lawful wife, to have and to hold” or another possible variation “I promise you to always be your wife, your friend and lover”.

How to write the original wedding vows

Composition of the perfect wedding vow
The main idea behind any wedding vow is the agreement, which should contain three key features that go one after another: declaration of love, promises for your marriage and personal statement. Also make sure to have the same tone for both of your vows: even though the words you use could differ, you should keep up with the same style. An important nuance- try not to drag out your wedding vows for more than three minutes otherwise you will simply loose public’s attention.
Words to include
The words you should include in your wedding vow will depend on the things you want to accentuate. It could be the significance of family values “I promise to do my best for creating the perfect family with you”, importance of the personal space “I promise to let you be yourself” or fidelity “I promise to built the faithful relationship with you”.


Evoke in your mind those places that have the symbolic meaning for both of you. That could be the place where you first met, kissed or where proposed to you. It would be nice connecting these memories into the words you want to pledge to your future spouse. Another way to bring some humor and originality is telling about the plans and requirements you would like to reach throughout your joint life.

Consult a professional
Officiant is the ideal person, with whom you can discuss the wedding vows writing. He could provide with the interesting examples from the previous ceremonies, which you could use in your own wedding vow-writing process. In case you plan to have the religious ceremony, your officiant can help you with that by consulting you on coming up with the wedding vows that suit your faith’s ideals.
In order to speak out your vow with the hitch, you need to practice beforehand. But make sure not to overdo with that otherwise you may sound unnatural. In case you didn’t have enough time for learning the text by heart and plan to use the cards, make sure to have someone hand you the card and then take it back.
Using others’ ideas
There is nothing wrong in rewording other people’s vows in case you don’t belong to those romantic people and are not used to writing the love messages with the poetic feel. Simply go to the bookstore and purchase the books like Wedding From the Heart or check out the web for finding the inspiration and vows ideas.



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