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How to Organize the Procession

The entire process of wedding ceremony preparation could be screwed with the inappropriate procession. Keep in mind that the procession is the very first thing your guests will observe, so you want everything to go smoothly and in the right order. Thus in case you don’t have the wedding planner that will arrange everything on-site, you should ensure everything is planned out perfectly.

How to set the wedding procession

The groom should stand at the altar with the priesthood or officiant. In fact the groom should stand at the altar even before his immediate family get to seat. In some cases the groom’s parents walk him down the aisle. In this case the groom is the first one out of the bridal party, who enters the ceremony venue. The ushers should help the immediate family both of the bride and groom seat in the very front row.
Split the members of the bridal party into pairs with one bridesmaid and one groomsman in each pair. Arrange these groups the way, that the first one to enter will stand the farthest from the couple. Another way is having the bridesmaids go up to the altar first and then walks the groomsmen, followed by the best man and maid of honor.
Once the groomsmen and bridesmaids occupy their place at the altar, the ring bearer and the flower girl get to walk down the aisle.
And finally at the processional music the bride enters the ceremony hall accompanied by her father. In some cases the two parents walk the bride up to the altar. Don’t rush, wait for the guests to stand and watch at the bride.

Tips on arranging the ceremony procession

In case you have an uneven number of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, consider having some of them walk alone or in the threesome.
Avoid starting the procession before each member of the bridal party gets accounted for.

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