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Unique Wedding Cake Ideas

Want an unsual wedding cake like no other? The best way to have an absolutely unique and interesting cake is to design one yourself with help of your wedding cake provider. Set a budget and sketch a few cakes that would fit your wedding color scheme, theme, and financial spreadsheet. Discuss the alternatives with your provider and be ready to compromise especially if the budget is tight.

Ideas For Unique Wedding Cakes

Ruffled ombre cake

Themed Cakes

Themed cakes are great but they can cost a little fortune. If you don’t want to compromise the design go for a smaller cake and order additional sheet cake with same flavors. Let your wedding cake provider take his or her own twist on the theme and get ready to be amazed.

Colorful Cakes

Color combinations in confectionary are almost limitless. If design is too much for your pocket go for a colorful cake to surprise your guests and add an interesting accent to your wedding decor.

Over The Top Cakes

Want an over the top cake with multiple layers, different color tiers and edible flowers? Anything is possible as long as you can afford it but then again you could always use faux layers to help you achieve the wow effect while keeping your budget reasonable.

Odd Shapes

Odd-shaped cakes are quite popular. From life-sized likeness of a bride to smaller dress-shaped creations you can imagine whatever you’d like and order sheet cake if your main cake is too weird to cut and serve to the guests.

In terms of decorations, options are truly boudless. You can choose interesting non-traditional toppings, exotic flowers and fruits, accessories and unusual finishes to turn even a classic cake into a unique wedding accent.

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