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Ideas of Vegan Wedding Cakes

There are almost no cakes that exclude eggs, milk and other products that we get from animals, which is a big issue for vegans since they are supposed to avoid consuming animal products. But it is still possible to have the stunning vegan wedding cake that won’t include the animal products. Believe me it will be not less beautiful and delicious than the regular wedding cake and your guests won’t probably feel the difference.

Ideas of vegan wedding cakes

Flavors and fillings
There are a lot of cakes that contain fruits or vegetables. You might go for the flavored wedding cake with strawberry, apples, carrot or lemon. These components guarantee the sweetness and make up the ideal cake fillings as well. Take into consideration that some sorts of chocolate use animal products, so you should do the research and try to avoid the chocolate that includes animal products.
Substitute of milk
Usually the main problem of vegan wedding cake recipes is finding the sufficient alternative for milk. Consider using the soy, almost or rice milk as a substitute. In fact there are cake recipes that replace milk with other types of liquids including, water, apple cider vinegar and even fruit juice.
Butter-cream frosting is definitely a taboo in your vegan wedding cake. Replace it with marzipan that is made with almonds. In case you want to go for fondant, figure what kind of ingredients are included since some bakers might include gelatin in the fondant, but there are still recipe options with agar or vegetable shortening.
Vegan bakeries
Try to find the baker that is well experienced with vegan cakes production. Very often the vegan cakes are dry, so make sure to try it before the wedding day. It wouldn’t be an extra brining along a non-vegan person for taste testing.

Ideas of the vegan wedding cakes


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