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Ideas of the Western-Themed Wedding Cakes

Those couples that adore the Wild West would love the idea of the western-themed reception with the western-styled cake, which is an ideal chance to incorporate your favorite theme for the unique wedding celebration.

As for the ideas of the cakes, it could be either the single-item centerpiece with the cowboy statuette in the middle or the entire rodeo scene. Regardless the design you choose, your guests will be amazed with the original idea.

Western-themed wedding cakes

Cowboy and Cowgirl Hat
You can demonstrate the true devotion to the western theme by having the cowgirl and cowboy hat cakes placed next to each other. Consider having the cowgirl hat in the white icing, while the cowboy hat icing in the darker hues.
Rodeo Cake
The large-scale cake with light chocolate icing with rodeo scene on it will add your reception a vibrant feel. Plastic or ceramic sculptures in the cowboy outfits could hold their hands while standing by each other. Ensure to put the horses somewhere in the scene.
I ♥ the West Cake
I love the West cake could be performed in the form of the overlapping hearts in the western style and figurines in the center. Another option is having the pair of horses snuggling in the center of the cake. Go all the way with the icing rope and floral borders and make sure to add the symbolic western attributes like the cowboy hats and boots.
Branded cake
The traditional wedding cake could be customized with the bride and groom’s initials that could be placed inside the horseshoes. It wouldn’t be an extra adding the cowboy and cowgirl cake toppers under the reverse horseshoe for the true cowboy vibe.
Traditional cake with a thrill
Even though you decide to opt for the traditional wedding cake, there is still a chance to incorporate the western theme in your wedding cake. Replace the traditional cake toppers in the shape of the bride and groom with the western-clad figurines that will hold the lasso.

Western-themed wedding cakes


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