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How to Serve your Wedding Cake Quicker

Wedding cake serving is probably one of the most expected moments at the wedding. This ceremony serves as a gap between the official part and celebration. However in case you plan to have a lot of guests, they might end up waiting for too long for their piece of cake. The following tips will help you speed up the cake cutting process.

How to cut your wedding cake faster

Prior to starting the cake-cutting ceremony, you may ask the caterers to start cutting the slices of sheet cake in the kitchen or back area.
Pass the slices of the wedding cake you already cut to the head table guests and ask the caterers pass the sheet cake slices to the rest of the guests.
Have the caterers use the numerous cake cutters to cut the sheet cake and ask to distribute the slices using the service carts so that a bigger number of guests could be served at once.

Tips on quick serving your wedding cake

In order to make the cake cutting process easier and smoother, use the wet knife. Simply dip it in the water for several times.
Don’t feel shy to ask your friends to assist the caterers.


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