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How to Place the Wedding Cake

Wedding cake is an element of high importance at the wedding reception, so it should be placed in the special place so that everyone could observe it in all its adorable glory. Usually the wedding cake is put on the separate table, which is richly embellished in order to make it stand out.

How to place the wedding cake

The solid table will serve as an ideal base for your wedding cake. Ensure the legs are sturdy enough. In some cases the bakers can offer their own cake tables since the multi-layered and richly embellished wedding cakes could be quite heavy. Keep in mind that the table that is slightly bigger than the cake will allow drawing all the guests’ attention to the cake rather than to the table.
Consider placing the cake table at the place where it could be observed from different directions, but away from the general traffic. Table on the wheels placed aside from the general celebration is the best place for thewedding cake until the moment the bride and groom start the ceremony of cake cutting.


Don’t forget to cover the cake table with the tablecloth in the matching or contrasting color. Keep in mind that the simple tablecloth won’t distract from the cake design. The length of the tablecloth should be enough for reaching the floor.wedding-cake-table

The floral arrangements will add the dressy look to the wedding cake table as well as individual flower petals scattered on the tablecloth. However it is essential to complement and embellish the wedding cake, but not to steal attention from it. So, keep it moderate and subtle.wedding-cake-table

An elevated exhibit of the cake could be reached by putting the sturdy item on the tabletop covered with the tablecloth in the matching color. This way you will add the height and an impressive appearance to the wedding cake. The same function carries the polished silver stands.wedding-cake-table

Light up the wedding cake by putting the small accent lights around the perimeter of the table edge. Conceal the lights in the small floral displays. Place them away from the cake in order to avoid the icing melting.


Tips on placing the wedding cake

Don’t overload the cake table with other food including the groom’s cake.wedding-cake-table

Keep in mind that the bump to the wedding cake can knock down the tiered cake. Place the cake in the safe location and don’t allow the surplus tablecloth fall on the floor.

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