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How to Get the Trendiest Wedding Cake

cheese-wedding-cakes-3Despite the fact that the bride is the real star of the wedding, who gets the most of attention and admiration with guests trying to scrutinize every single detail of her look starting with the wedding gown and ending with her manicure, there are still other details that are not left unnoticed and one of them is the wedding cake.

<h2>Tips on choosing the right wedding cake</h2>

The latest trend in the wedding cakes industry shows that contemporary cakes don’t have necessarily the classic white tiers on white icing with the plain topper being placed on the top. Today’s cakes are distinguished with creativity and originality. Sometimes, they are not even cakes.Wedding-cakeThe perfect way to make your wedding cake stand out is opting for the alternative wedding cakes with colored frosting and unusual embellishment. Instead of the traditional cake in light hues, go for the one in the Tiffany blue covered with beads and icing that would match your bridal bouquet. The details like iced or fresh flowers, candies, cookies and unusual decorations will definitely leave your cake’s image in guests’ hearts for a long time.Wedding-cakeAnother detail to consider is the design: a lot of modern cakes do not even look like the traditional cakes. There are cakes that are performed in the shape of castles, fountains, towers, cars and everything that can come to person’s mind. So, if you have the special wedding theme that requires untypical cake design, simply ask your designer. Believe me, today designers have the extensive experience in creating unique wedding cakes.wedding-cake-10Some contemporary couples go even further and simply do it without the wedding cake; they simply replace it with the stunning racks full of single cupcakes. Other  couples set the dessert buffet instead, what gives the wider choice. In case you still want to follow the tradition, in addition you may order the small cake with a simple design.Amazing_wedding_cakes_2The important thing is finding the wedding cake baker with good references since it should be not only nice-looking and delicious, but also delivered in time. You have probably heard about one of the numerous negative stories when the reception went wrong because of the cake’s late delivery. The simplest way to find the trustworthy baker is paying attention to the cakes on your friends’ weddings and noticing which bakers you like.wedding-cake-6



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