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Halloween-Themed Wedding Cakes

Halloween is a fun holiday that guarantees a lot of joy and laughs. It is an ideal chance to shift from reality and ongoing routine. Halloween is a reason to dress up and create the original look that you don’t dare wearing in the everyday life. Moreover you get the excuse for scaring your hated neighbors.
So it is no wonder that some couples decide having their weddings around a holiday and go for the Halloween-themed celebration with all those fun attributes.
In case you plan having a Halloween-themed wedding, you have the plenty of options with the theme. You can either fully adapt the Halloween theme by having the reception in the haunted house or simply adapt some of the Halloween colors or place the jack-o-lanterns on the tables and all over the floor. Also you may experiment with the wedding cake design.Halloween-wedding
We came up with some awesome examples of creative and original Halloween-themed wedding cakes. You can get the inspiration starting from the overall shape and ending with just the color scheme of Halloween-themed wedding cakes.
Keep in mind that it is always better to provide the baker with the photo of the desirable cake design so that the two of you have a clear vision of the final product.

Halloween-themed wedding cakes


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  1. julia cyrille

    j’ai vu sur les gâteaux que vous fabriquez les figurine de M. Jack et de la fiancée des noces funèbres (Emily). Pouvez vous me dire si vous les vendez séparément et si oui leur prix
    merci d avance

    Cyrille JULIA

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